10 Ways to Shop Organic On a Budget

Although eating “organic” may sound like a fad or luxury, it was once how our ancestors ate before the  introduction of fertilisers, pesticides and other chemical sprays. Purchasing organic food allows you to absorb the full spectrum of nutrients without the risk of consuming harmful toxins. You shouldn’t have to dig deep to shop organic food and you don’t have to with Caique Ponzoni, Founder of Naked Foods, top ten up-your-sleeve tips for ticking the best health box, that is choosing organic.

organic food

1. Go Bulk or Go Home

Purchasing bulk food cuts the cost of the product much more than expected. Buying bulk reduces the amount you would pay for packaging as well as leaves a positive impact on the environment if you BYO brown paper bags or glass jars. We provide over 250 organic ingredients sold bulk in our store for anyone to purchase as little or as much as they desire.

2. Stick to Recipe

Often when trying new recipes you may have to purchase ingredients foreign to your pantry. Save money by purchasing exactly what you need when buying bulk, which will also minimise your leftovers, which may go to waste.

3. Substitute Ingredients

If a recipe calls for a variety of products, try substituting organic vegetables for those with a lower level of pesticide use due to a thicker skin. For example, save a little by purchasing non-organic avocado, sweet potato, watermelon, pineapple, onion and corn. It is always wise to wash your fruit and veg despite the food having a thick or thin skin.

4. Load up on Local

Farmers markets are a great way to support local farmers and purchase organic food at a lower cost. You can reduce the amount spent due to the reduction in transport prices and outlays associated with a shop. Minimising the transport of the food by buying local also ensures high quality taste in your purchase and bang for your buck! Some foods are picked prematurely and artificially ripened which may sacrifice the taste of the food.

5. Seasonal ingredients

Although eating mangos year round would be ideal, they are not in season year round. Often foods travel long distances to match demand, however, it comes at a cost. Purchasing food that is in season is another way to minimise cost of all foods.

Look out for apps that promote farmers markets, foods in season, bulk stores and recipes on a shoestring as a convenient way to find out where you can save your pennies.

7. Grow Your Own

Know exactly where your produce comes from by growing it yourself. Invest in a few good seeds, plant at the right time and manage accordingly to reap the rewards of fresh, home grown fruit and veg. For those who live in apartments, there is no reason why you can’t purchase a pot plant for herbs, chillies or cherry tomatoes. If there is a shared space among the apartments, raise the idea of a shared garden patch. Prevent the need for pesticides by fertilising your garden with organic waste from scraps or using harmless insects and flowers that act as natural protectors.

8. Barter with your neighbors

If you struggle with growing a particular food and know your neighbour can, trade them with one of your organic foods. This not only reduces the trade of funds but may also strike a good relationship built on mutual benefit.

9. Subscribe

Subscribing to various shop newsletters, websites or products may include the benefit of knowing if there is a sale or exclusive event, which you can attend and purchase organic foods at a discounted price

10. Freeze it!

Combining these tips can also help you save. By buying in bulk you can cook up a storm of seasonal, organic ingredients that may be bought in bulk, are locally sourced either from your garden or neighbour to cook en masse and eaten throughout the week for leftover lunches, dinners or better, shared among your community.

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