11 Night Shift Beauty Products

We sleep for roughly one-third of our lives. That’s an average of twenty-five years of a person’s life and approximately eight hours we spend in slumber each and every day. Considering the extensive beauty regimes available in the ever-advancing beauty world we live in, imagine if we could sleep ourselves beautiful?

Enter these 11 pamper products, that can work their night shift magic while you embrace every ounce of your beauty sleep.

Overnight Lip Hydration

Your lips battle the works of dehydration, sun exposure, lipstick and air conditioning during the average day The perfect time to give your lips their repair time is during hours of slumber. Forget the humble lip balm, it’s time to elevate your game for this precious and delicate area of the face.

Sisley’s Nutritive Lip Balm is the crème de la crème of lip balms, leaving your lips hydrated, plump and smooth beyond belief. It’s considered a beauty editor favourite around the globe and no self respecting make up artist leaves this pot of wonder out of their kit.


Nutritive Lip Balm, $85 from Sisley 

Overnight Tanning

There’s no denying that an overnight tan is a less-than-glamorous experience. Needless to say, you won’t be wearing your favourite white silk pajamas to sleep that night.

St. Tropez upped the tanning game in August with their launch of the brands new re-formulations that have no smell. In fact, they actually smell good. Slather yourself in liquid gold, jump into bed and wake up bronzed, beautiful and well rested.


Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse, $59.95 for 200mL from St Tropez

Overnight Face Moisturiser

Slather this soothing and rejuvenating night cream on your face before hitting the hay. The intensive formula will work its magic overnight, meaning you’ll wake up with a more luminous complexion, firmer skin and to a faint whiff of Rosemary from the beauty bottles remanence.


Extra-Firming Night Cream, $115 for 50mL from Clarins

Sleep & Sculpt

If you weren’t already convinced that your nightly rest was an opportunity for productive beautification, Clinique have upped the ante with their Repair Sculpting Night Cream.

Sleep and sculpt away as your skin becomes visibly firmer, lifted and contoured. How does it work? The rich cream-gel enhances skin’s natural nighttime repair to deliver proven sculpting results. Plus, it’s light, making it bed-friendly with effortless results.


Repair Sculpting Night Cream, $90 from Clinique

Skin Sleep Mask

If its name didn’t sell itself already, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Sleeping Mask is both an overnight firming and purifying treatment. Alas, the stars have aligned to give your skin all of its nourishing needs in one beautiful little blue bottle. Rest assured, you’ll wake up with time on your side.


Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, $410 for 50 mL from La Prairie

Overnight Hand Cream

There’s something meditative about slathering the smell of shea butter and vanilla on your overworked and exposed-to-harsh-elements hands at the end of a long day.

L’Occitane’s Shea Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream not only protects and softens hands, but leaves behind a sweet scent that will surely stimulate sleepiness.


Shea Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream $14 for 30 mL from L’Occitane

Overnight Face Oil

There’s something lavish about dabbing a few drops of richly scented oils, enriched with pure natural rosehip oil to nourish and deeply hydrate your face. The soothing sensation paired with the calming smell of roses is the perfect pre-sleep ritual to embrace. It’s safe to say that your smooth skin will thank you the next morning.


Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, $42.95 for 45mL from Trilogy

Overnight Hair Treatment

Did someone say good hair day, every day? Wish your hair woes away with De Lorenzo’s The Ends, the solution to your dull, dry and lifeless strands.

When time isn’t on your side during waking hours to care for your curls, lathering this hydrating split end treatment on your hair before bed will ensure you wake to shiny, silky and manageable hair, every morning. Yes we said it: good hair day, every day.


The Ends, $15.69 for 120mL from De Lorenzo

This lightweight milky formula gives skins a boost of nourishing moisture, resulting in instance radiance. With a formula designed to work its magical powers over time, it’s your perfect night repair treatment under your favourite moisturiser. It’s lightweight milky formula has the moisture of a face oil plus the skin-renewing benefits of a treatment. Particularly recommended if you don’t like any residue on your skin from your beauty products.


Extra Repair Nourishing Milk, $94 from Bobbi Brown

The Full Hydrating Body Balm

Targeting those areas your clothes irritate or dry skin patches throughout the night is the best time to allow optimum hydration. My Body Balm is made with natural oils and coffee seed extract to fully hydrate, nourish and moisturize dry skin. Lather up and fall asleep with the faint smell of coconut whisking your dreams away to tropical places. We have heard of women that dedicate one night a week to full body overnight moisturisation and frankly (pardon the pun) it makes perfect sense!


Frank My Body Balm, $24.95 from Mecca

The Ultimate Age-resetting Overnight Moisturizer

Given we know nighttime is the ideal time for skin repair and rejuvenation; this Miracle Worker does just that. The age-resetting formula contains rare marine algae to target age-accelerating proteins, and matched with next-generation vitamin C, you’ll lock in moisture while you sleep. We rate this pot of beauty highly for new mothers and party girls alike. Wake up looking fresh and deeply hydrated, no matter the hours you spent in slumber.


Miracle Worker Overnight, $68 from Philosophy from David Jones


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