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 2016 Chinese Horoscopes: Year Of The Monkey

2016 is the year of the Bing Shen/ Fire Monkey in Chinese Astrology.  The energy of the year is made up of Yang Fire sitting on Yang Metal, with 3 additional core elements: Yang Metal, Yang Water and Yang Earth.   Now that’s a lot of Yang qi (living energy) and this indicates a shift from last year’s dominant Yin qi affecting the subconscious and hidden agendas to more open, independent (and at times) ‘in your face’ communication.  Yang energy also corresponds to the conscious mind, thus making 2016 a positive year for focusing on the here and now and adjusting your personal values and priorities through positive and disciplined action.


The combination of Yang Fire sitting on the Yang Metal qi of the Monkey branch indicates a year connected with academic accomplishment, curious, competitive energy leading to the development of innovative design, exciting new research, inventiveness, innovation and independent, pioneering thinking. Fire Monkey energy occurred back in 1776 when the US made its Declaration of Independence.

The Fire Monkey energy also connects with charming manipulation, political machinations and scheming deception. It’s interesting to note many famous assassinations occurred during previous Monkey years (eg John Lennon, JFK and Martin Luther King to name a few).

The annual 2 Black energy combines with the central Period of 8 qi this year, which forms a special combination of 10. This inherently earth combination indicates luck potential associated with property investment and ties in closely to the current trend of investing in ‘positive cash flow property’ as opposed to the older trend of negative gearing.

Place a beautiful empty white, gold, silver or golden yellow vase (with a big belly, narrow neck and an opening at the top) near the centre of your home and business in 2016 to connect with the protective influence of Mother Earth.

The central 2 qi combined with Jupiter’s presence in Virgo until early September highlights a higher probability of world events connected with infectious disease and the development of innovative new medical advancements, breakthroughs and enhanced techniques for medical screening, diagnosing and treating illness.

If you have Monkey or Tiger appearing in your personal 4 Pillars/Chinese Astrology chart, then wearing a Snake pendant or keeping an image of a benevolent Snake (eg the Caduceus or Ouroboros symbol) in your purse or wallet, beside your bed and on your work desk can be helpful in redirecting and harmonising clashing Tai Sui and Sui Po qi this year.

Fire and Water element industries and investments are more likely to do well in 2016.

Fire element includes warm shades from the red spectrum, red gems, red coral, lamps, bright light, triangle & pyramid shapes, images of the sun. The Fire element responds favourably to meditation, reiki and spiritual mentoring. Fire element industry/investments include computer technology, working in the service industry, entertainment, hospitality, energy, electrical engineering, laser, radiation, welding, cooking and food preparation, restaurant industry, electronics, the beauty industry, lighting, solar power, optometry, the manufacture of ammunition, presenting, servicing, performing or entertaining others. The fire element is bright and flamboyant and corresponds to entertainment and creativity, cultural, theatrical, social and artistic pursuits.

Water element includes medium-dark blues, black, dark purple with a cool blue base, water features, images of water, wavy, flowing shapes, swimming, large bodies of water (ie sea, lake, river). The Water element responds favourably to detoxes, water therapy, spa treatments and healthy juices & smoothies. Water element industry/investments include transportation, shipping, navy, media, fishing, spas, tourism, consulting, retail, sales, medicine, fortune telling, brewing, distilling, intuitive healing, cleaning, surfing, sailing, aquariums. The water element connects with communications, wisdom, the emotions and intuition.

During 2016 renovation and/or excavation and cutting down trees can trigger negative energy if occurring in the Northeast or South sector and also within a third of the Southwest sector (closest to where SW meets West).

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