2018: The Year Ahead According To Your Horoscope

It’s 2018 and there are a lot of highlights to expect this year, as we are hit with an eclipse season first thing into the year. Astrologer, Yasmin Boland suggests that if an eclipse hits you hard, it can really change your life.

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There are a few headlines…

Firstly, the year starts off by thrusting us swiftly and surely into … an eclipse season! That means all bets are off as the year begins. Remember, eclipses are when the Universe changes gear – when something like “cosmic portals” open up which we can walk through to a new way of life. That might sound a bit far-fetched to some people but I know for sure, from years of experience, personal and working with others, that if an eclipse hits you hard, it really can change your life!

In fact, depending on where you are in Australia or the world, this eclipse will take place either on January 31 (West Australian time) or just after midnight on February 1 (AEST)! However in order to give you the info about it, it definitely needs to be written about now!

The main thing is that on January 31, it’s the time to tap into it, no matter where you are the in the world.

So what else is happening in January 2018?

Here are the other headlines:

1. Venus is in very good shape
2. There is the first big chance for change (Jupiter/Pluto)
3. Mars is back in Sadge for the first time in two years

The highlights

– We get a Full Moon eclipse in Leo in January
– A New Moon eclipse in Aquarius in February
– Mercury will be retrograde March/April, July/August and November/December
– On May 16, Uranus moves into Taurus – more on this soon but it’s mega!
– Mars will be retrograde June/August
– July brings a New Moon eclipse in Cancer
– A Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius
– And a second New Moon eclipse, this time in Leo
– Venus will be retrograde October/November
– On November 8, Jupiter changes signs and moves into Sagittarius

Watch Yasmin Boland break down what to expect for January and 2018 below.

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