3 Go To Outfits To Help You Look Slimmer On A ‘Fat Day’

Alarna Hope, Editorial Stylist and Founder of That Effortless Bitch shares how 3 outfits can help you look slimmer on a ‘fat day’.

As I write this article, I’m having a fat day. Everyone has them, they wake up, feel a bit bloated and what they were thinking about wearing earlier no longer seems suitable. Fat days don’t like us, and we don’t like them, but they’re a helpful reminder that sometimes we need to brush up on our styling skills and make the best of a somewhat annoying situation.

When I was younger, I used to opt for tent shaped, oversized garments to cover my bulges on a fat day. Not long after, I saw some photos of myself wearing this long grey knit that finished at the widest parts of my hips and had a drop shoulder seam that made me look double the size I was. That night my dear grey knit got booted out of the wardrobe and into a salvation army bag where someone who suited it better could give it the life it deserved.

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I used to think that covering something I didn’t like with a large amount of fabric was the solution to making me feel like the bulges didn’t exist. I was so far from right, but even now that I’m older, I see many men and women doing the same thing when they’re having a fat day. The trick to styling on a fat day is using these three go-to tips that can be incorporated into any outfit:

Nude Toned Shoes:

These beauties have given me so much more leg than I could have ever wanted or needed. A nude shoe will always create a longer looking leg and will slim your entire figure. Go on, give it a go.


A flat shoe in a nude tone, a wedge or a slight block heel are great options for your casual outfit. Pair with a slim leg jeans, a light knit and a few dazzling accessories and you’re ready.


Choose a closed toe nude with a thick heel for added comfort. Keep it simple, they’re there to blend in and elongate. If you’re wearing pants to work, ensure they’re tailored to an ankle length if they’re slim leg, or to the top of your foot if they’re wide leg. Add a crisp white shirt and a nice watch to complete the look.


Something simple and strappy will not only make you look taller and leaner, but will come in handy for future events. Ensure you can walk comfortably in them and remember, you don’t need to match your bag to shoes when they’re flesh toned. Pick something fun to match your dress instead!

The Strategic Layer:

When making yourself look slimmer, you can’t go past what I call ‘The Strategic Layer’, it’s a certain way to layer your clothing, so you make your legs look longer while also bringing attention to your gorgeous face. Find a pair of jeans or a skirt that is mid-rise or high waisted and a top that can be tucked.

Tucking in tops is something that scares all new clients of mine, but fear not, I’m about to change your opinion on tucking. Stand in front of the mirror in your nude heels and your pants or skirt with your top loosely tucked in. You want to tuck the top in and pull it out slightly, so that about a centimetre hangs over your waistband.

Then you want to find yourself a jacket that hangs significantly longer than your top. Ideally, you’ll have a jacket that is hip or thigh length. Mixing two significantly different length top layers will make your body look longer and leaner all over.


Mid or high rise jeans with a loose tee tucked in and a blazer are classic options, pair with flesh toned flats or flats of a similar colour to your jeans.


A high waisted pair of work trousers with a soft blouse and a slightly cropped or longer length jacket will help you to slim your figure, while being covered up enough for work. Pair with some simple accessories and a bold lip for added style.


You can utilise a pencil skirt that sits high on your waist with a pretty top and strappy heels, or a fitted dress that ends at the knee with an added top layer like a blazer or a dressy jacket.

To finish off the look, add my final tip:

Chest Detail:

A necklace or scarf that sits up high on your chest will always bring more attention to your face and away from trouble areas. Look for items that are eye catching like a bib necklace or a patterned scarf.


Wrap your scarf up high on your chest, over your tee and pair it with a skirt or jeans, and you’ll have a complete outfit that is not only stylish but super flattering.


A simple metal necklace that’s eye catching will lift your work outfit, ensure it sits high on your chest and pair it with your nude shoes for extra length.


Large earrings or a dazzling necklace framed in a v-neckline will help to bring attention up to your face. If you’ve got a little black dress, use this as a blank canvas and have fun with your accessories.


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