Weekend Recipe Round-Up: 3 Guilt-Free Treats Recipe

RESCU is bringing you weekly video recipe round-ups to ensure your weekend is filled with the most delicious meals and tasty treats.

This week, we’ve got your weekend sorted with these 3 guilt-free treat recipes– from a chocolate mousse with avocado to healthy chocolate fudge brownies and chocolate banana bread with fresh ricotta recipe, these recipes  are absolutely scrumptious and easy to whip up.

Take away your sweet tooth craving, feeling guilt-free and satisfied all the same.

Did you miss a recipe round up? These 3 brekkie on-the-go recipes a must-try. Just because you don’t get a break, doesn’t mean you can’t breakfast.

Chocolate Mousse With Avocado Recipe

Video via Woolworths

Healthy Chocolate Fudge Brownies Recipe

Video via Jessica Sepel

Choc Banana Bread with Fresh Ricotta Recipe

Video via Lola Berry

Chef Cynthia Louise’s Chocolate and Berry Tarts Recipe

You’ve been good all week: gym sessions have been regular, no sneaky 3pm sweets and you turned down that next glass of wine last night. Ladies, it’s time to reward yourself.

Thanks to celebrity Chef Cynthia Louise, author of The Real Food Chef, Sweet Food Story, treat yourself to a late night chocolate tart. Featuring raw ingredients with fewer calories, you won’t have to feel guilty about indulging, which means no extra workout sessions. Hurray!

Chocolate and Berry Tarts



For the base:

1 cup desiccated coconut
1/2 teaspoon vanilla seeds
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
2 tablespoons psyllium
10 dried dates
55 gms cacao paste
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons water
Pinch of salt

For the filling:

Flesh of one young coconut
1/4 cup coconut water
1/2 cup soaked cashews (soaked overnight, then rinsed well)
4 tablespoons raw cacao powder
1/4 cup coconut oil
Pinch of salt


For the base:

1. Combine all of the ingredients in a food processor and process until well combined and sticky enough to push into small tart tins.
2. Divide the mixture into 5 small tart tins, or alternatively use one large tart tin.

For the filling:

1. Combine all the filling ingredients in a Vitamix and blend until complete smooth and creamy.
2. Divide the the filling into the prepared tart tins and allow to set in the freezer for 10 minutes. Serve topped with blackberries or any Christmas fruit that is in season.

Makes 5 small tarts

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