3 Jamaican-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

In celebration of World Rum day we have sourced three easy and delicious Jamaican-inspired cocktails from Appleton Estate rum.

Appleton Estate Raw

This cocktail combines fresh lime juice with cold pressed sugarcane (Jamaica’s most influential crop) and lemon myrtle (a delicious Australian native).



30ml Appleton Estate Signature Blend
15ml Appleton Estate Rare Blend
25ml fresh lime juice
45 to 60ml freshly pressed sugar cane juice (depending on sweetness)
4 to 6 leaves of bruised/muddles fresh lemon myrtle leaves


Shake the two high quality rums and then strained over a large block of ice or good quality rocks.
Garnish with a few leaves of fresh lemon myrtle and a spray of lemon myrtle tincture

From Jamaica With Love

Jamaica is a melting pot of cultures all existing in one place. This rum cocktail embodies ‘Out of Many One People’ – Jamaica’s motto and willingness to embrace others with open arms.

The cocktail combines different ingredients and flavours to form a rich, delicious tipple.



45ml Appleton Estate Signature Blend
15ml Grand Marnier
15ml lime juice
30ml Charlie’s White peach & passionfruit juice
10ml Monin Orgeat syrup


Simply shake & fine strain into a Coupe Glass
Garnish with an orange twist & cherry on a skewer

Jamaican Story

Many a fine tale has begun on a dark ‘n’ stormy night. This classic dark rum cocktail is a favourite for adventurers from all around the world – people who yearn for a new horizon.



30ml Appleton Estate Signature Blend
100ml Ginger beer
10ml fresh lime juice
Glass: Short glass


Build in glass filled with ice.
Garnish with mint leaves and raspberries


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