30 Minute Lunchtime Fat Blasting Workout

Sally Matterson

Fitness Expert

If you have a spare 30 mins you can absolutely do some damage with this full body Fat Blasting Circuit I have created for the time poor person. You can guarantee every muscle in your body will burn as you get the heart rate up through the roof. Perfect for someone who has a short lunch break and wanting to maximise their time spent training in a short period.

If you want results fast the best way to do this is to train for shorter periods of time but at a higher intensity. Minimal rest, full body circuits will ensure you get the muscle development and fat burning aspects of the workout. This short circuit contains upper and lower body training in short succession to create intensity. The exercises are what we call compound or multi joint exercises. What this means is that every movement in the workouts utilises multiple muscle to complete.

How the circuit works is you complete it in a 4 station circuit. The good news is, is that there is absolutely no equipment needed for the workout so you can do it anywhere & anytime. No more excuses!

Complete the following 4 Sets though. So complete the circuit 4 x as fast as you can! Aim to complete it in no more than 30mins.

1. Tricep Dip:

Keep the back close to the bench or step, lower the body down slow then up quick. Keep the elbows in tight and focus on driving up through the heel of the hand as you press the body up. Ensure your back remains close to the bench/step at all times. Avoid the temptation to move away from the bench/step.

Complete 12-15 Repetitions.

2. Lunge Walk:

Placing one foot, slightly turned out, in front of the other and lower or lunge down into the front heel with control then drive up fast keeping the weight in the heel.  Switch feet and repeat until 20 repetitions are completed in total. (10 each leg)

3. Tricep Push Up to Jump

Place the arms shoulder width apart. Lower the body down in-between the hands keeping the elbows close to the side of the waist. As you press up jump the legs into the chest and jump straight up into the air as high as you can. Place the arms back down to the original position jumping the feet back out and repeat.

Complete 15 Repetitions

4. Squat Jump:

Come into a wide stance, weight through the heels and toes slightly turned out. Lower down as much as you can and jump up, weight through the heels, as high as you can. Ensure you keep the chest proud and the tummy in tight at all times throughout the movement.

Repeat 20 Repetitions then start from the top.

Remember there is no rest! Complete the above for time or as fast as you possibly can!

I recommend completing this workout 2-3 times per weeks on non-consecutive days for maximal fat burning results.

For more information and for my full training systems go to www.sallymatterson.com.au

Yours in health and fitness,

Sally Matterson


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