The 4 Career Changing Questions That Will Promote Your Position At Work

Are you working in an environment that you would like to change?  Do you feel stuck in the same stories and scenarios, such as ‘the boss never listens to me, ‘I am overworked and underpaid’, ‘nothing is ever going to change around here’, ‘no one appreciates how hard I work’, ‘if I was the boss, I would change things …  but I am not, so I can’t’? Simone Milasas, Founder of Joy Of Business teaches us how to ask the difficult questions to get the results we want and deserve.

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Tough love: stories like these are really just decisions and judgements we made along the way that we have become stuck to and can’t seem to change.  The good news? It’s not too late to start making positive changes in your career.

Questions are great tools, because they invite different possibilities.  When you are willing to drop your decisions, conclusions, and judgements about a certain situation, job, or person, and instead ask a question, you can open a door to something different.

What Else Is Possible?

Instead of re-hashing the same old stories and conclusions about your workplace, ask yourself what else is possible. Not just in the job as a whole, but with your individual tasks, the people in your organisation, every phone call you make and meeting you take.  Asking this question allows you to break out of what you expect will happen and invite something different to show up.  You may be surprised with the results!

How does it get any better than this?

This is a question you can use 24/7 in every part of your life. Imagining how you can make a situation better, whether it be a sale or a meeting with your boss, will help you to identify where you can make changes to the way you conduct yourself to make that vision a reality. By just complaining about a situation, you are only offering yourself a problem. This question offers you a solution. Also try creating a vision board to visualise your success.

What’s right about this I am not getting?

Sometimes things don’t work out exactly as we had hoped and planned.  What if, instead of judging that it’s wrong, terrible and bad, you would work out what’s right about the reality. Imagine that. Every choice, and everything that shows up in your life can give you more information and open unexpected doors – only if you are willing to see what’s right about it, rather than what is wrong about it.  Next time you are upset or judging yourself for a choice you have made, you can also ask, ‘What’s right about me?’

How much fun can I have with this today?

Let’s face it: things are much easier to accomplish when you are feeling happy and enjoying yourself. When you are in a good mood, even the mundane things aren’t a problem. Often in our jobs, there’s at least one thing we really don’t like doing, and we don’t always have the luxury of handing that thing over to someone else.  In those instances, try asking yourself how much fun you can have with something.

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