4 Simple Steps to Flawless Winter Skin

Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Beauty and Lifestyle Expert

You can cover, but you can’t hide. No matter how many layers you load up this winter, keep what lies beneath in brilliant form with these four simple steps.


1. Exfoliate

Anyone that is experiencing cold winter winds and high-powered indoor heaters – combined with scratchy tights and prickly pullovers – is going to suffer from dry, scratch skin someplace on the body.

Now is the time to exfoliate. You can do this with a physical or chemical scrub that gently sloughs off this skin that lies dormant under all those darn layers. This can be done weekly for maintenance over winter months, or ramp it up to twice a week at least if you are prepping for a tan (or shorter skirt)

This winter RESCU loves:

Ecoya Body Exfoliator, $39.95, from www.ecoya.com, uses natural bamboo stem extract to gently smooth and soften skin.

Shiseido Global Body Refining Body Exfoliator, $55, from David Jones, Myer and selected pharmacies nationwide, consists of a cream base and two types of micro beads to gently exfoliate skin while maintaining moisture.

Pelactiv Body Scrub, $45, from Pelactiv.com, polishes and refines the skins surface whilst cleansing with a mixture of sugar cane, sugar maple, apple extract and jojoba oil.

2. Rejuvenate:

Every other day, erase the excess sebum and sweat that even winter can bring with it by using a shower or bath gel that works to unclog pores and eliminate any overly dry conditions. Pay extra attention to the back where the sun seriously don’t shine for far too long, as this can be a ripe area for black heads and acne in winter.

This winter, RESCU loves:

Ella Bache Floral Oil, $69, from EllaBache.com.au hones in on dead skin cells by cleansing and creating a protective veil that prevents moisture loss in the skin after exfoliation.

L’OCCITANE Roses et Reines Pearlescent Body Gel, $39, from L’Occitane.com is a refreshing body gel that moisturizes and leaves a subtle shimmer and glow on the body in its wake.

Elemis Sharp Shower Body Wash, $42, from Elemis Spa’s and Salons Nationally, deeply cleanses and energizes via a spearmint and peppermint essential oil formulation.

3. Invigorate:

Once you have regained some momentum with your cell turnover on the skin, it’s ripe time to revel in some serious hydration. This can be the really fun bit when you can welcome some spring-inspired scents and much-needed vitamin injections into your dreary dark winter days! Dry bodies love oils. Pat dry skin after your shower and apply liberally for a super boost. You’ll be amazed at how good your skin feels with a daily dose of the good oils.

This winter, RESCU loves:

Diptyque Art of Body Care Satin Oil, $60, from MeccaCosmetica.com.au, combines aromas of ylang ylang, saffron and jasmine to soothe and soften skin. Double dip and use to infuse hair also.

Be Genki Be Vital Body Oil, $23, from BeNaturallyYou.com, is lightweight, moisture-intensive body oil that contains organic cold-pressed sunflower and virgin hemp seed oil to naturally soften your skin and invigorate your senses.

4. Illuminate:

Now that skin is smoother and working on a much more supple schedule, why not give lagging skin pigment a pep up with some tanner? Even though not as much of your limbs are on show, certain tanners can target certain areas should you be wearing a shorter skirt or deeper cut dress to show off the décolletage. Alternatively, you can use a gradual tanner that offset’s a natural glowy nuance all season. Whichever you choose, always apply tanner within an hour of showering so that skin is still at it’s supple best and efficacy is improved.

This winter, RESCU loves:

Eco Tan Invisible Tan Invisible Tan, $34.95 from nourishedlife.com.au is entirely organic and softly scented with Roseflower cream, which develops into a beautifully natural tan in 6-8 hours.

St Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs, 24.90, from StTropez.com.au combines a gradual self-tanner and a flawless bronze instant finisher for legs, so you can apply and fly out the door without waiting for it to develop.

La Prairie Gradual Self Tanning Lotion, $120, from Selected David Jones and beauty salons nationally, can be used on the body and face to evenly tan and hydrate. Containing amino acids and vitamins, it also nourishes skin and infuses it with much needed vitamins during winter.

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