4 Ways To Train Like A Celebrity

Celebrity status means a celebrity schedule. If you want to train like one, it’s all about efficiency and specificity. What’s the golden rule you ask?

Quality over quantity, and consistency across the board. Generally speaking, celebrity status means a full diary, limited “free” time, and a big importance on looking and feeling your best at all times. Despite what some think, it doesn’t usually allow for hours on end in the gym, so to train like a celeb, you have to plan like one too. Personal Trainer, Camilla Bazley shares ways to get celebrity body results in time for summer.

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1. Make your workout’s scheduled in to your daily life.

Take the guesswork out of it, don’t wake up each day and try and figure out what time you might train. Have it pencilled into your diary DAILY, like an important appointment with yourself!

2. Have a plan, and stick to it!

Again, this comes back to taking the guesswork out of it. Every celeb needs to know WHAT they are training for, and more importantly WHY they are doing it. Once you have established this, you can work from here to program effectively and efficiently. Each time you hit that workout mat, know exactly what is in store, what equipment you need, have your timers set, and even write your workout up on a small whiteboard if you need that visual reminder.

3. Do full body workouts.

Train like a rock star, move like a rock star. Make sure your workouts are total body to get the MOST out of your time. Stick to compound movements so you are working a large group of muscles in each individual exercise, and keep the movements functional and dynamic. The more the body moves, the more muscles you recruit, the greater impact it will have on your body metabolically which means your results will be far more significant.

4. Stick to “time” based circuits.

Rather than counting reps, and procrastinating between each set, turn your workouts in to a circuit style setting. Use a variation of Tabata intervals such as 20 seconds of effort, 10 seconds rest in blocks of 8, and longer continuous cycles of 45 seconds of effort, 15 seconds rest for a period of 20 – 30 minutes. This will enable you to stick to a tight schedule, but also, turning any workout into a circuit will bring an element of aerobic and metabolic conditioning into your session.

Try this full body, celeb sweat session in your lounge room! Two pieces of equipment, a timer, your favourite tunes, and you’ll be left feeling like a rock star!


Torsion Bar Romanian Deadlifts
Torsion Bar Squat Press
Front Rack Torsion Bar Alternating Leg Lunges

Torsion Bar Bentover Row
Torsion Bar Curl and Press
KettleBell Swings

Squat Jumps
Shoulder Taps

Laying Leg Raises
Bicycle Crunch
Over Head Sit Ups

Remember the rules, quality over quantity. Know exactly what you want to get out of each session, and go in with a plan of attack every time. Make it a priority in your life, and step on to that workout zone with confidence like it’s YOUR stage. Start your day like a celebrity, and you’ll be feeling like you run the world….girl! Go get it!


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