5 Tips For Eating Lactose Sensitivity And The Reasons Not To Cut Out Dairy

Figuring out what is good for you can sometimes be hard not knowing who’s advice you should take or who to ask. If you are someone who finds yourself  lactose sensitive cutting out all dairy isn’t your only option in fact it shouldn’t be an option at all. Thats why leading Australian Dietitian Chloe McLeod as giving us the inside scoop of what dairy products you should be eating.

Bloating, wind and urgent trips to the bathroom. Not exactly dinner table conversation. But if you suffer from lactose sensitivity, it is something that you may experience more often than you’d like! Dairy products are rich in protein, calcium, B12 and a number of other nutrients that are important for health, that non-dairy alternatives often lack.
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Luckily enough, there are now some great products on the market to assist those living with lactose sensitivity to not feel they need to miss out on the delicious taste and health benefits of regular dairy. Here are five easy tips to help you live with lactose sensitivity:

  1. Swap to lactose free milk at home: Nearly every supermarket now stocks lactose free milk as a standard, and with its nutrition and taste profile being the most similar to its lactose containing cousin, this makes it a super easy change, where nutrition and flavour are not compromised. Do the same with yoghurt and you’re set! Zymil lactose free milk is a great option that is rich in calcium and a source of protein.


  1. Find a cafe that uses lactose free milk: Many cafes now do this as a rule, however if your favourite doesn’t, there’s no harm asking. Why? Chances are there will be other customers looking for lactose free options, so you’ll be helping out others as well.


  1. Be mindful of portion size: Lactose sensitivity occurs when only a small amount of lactose, the naturally occurring sugar in milk, is able to be digested properly. Less is more here, so knowing how much you can safely consume means you’ll not be left feeling the discomfort of those urgent trips to the bathroom mentioned earlier.


  1. Let your friends and family know: There’s nothing worse than arriving at a dinner party only to find there is nothing you are able to eat, which can leave you feeling left out. So inform people of your dietary needs, that way your host will be able to cater for you, as there are so many equivalent lactose free options available now.


  1. Know your sources of lactose: I find people are so often surprised when I remind them that not all dairy foods are rich in lactose. Butter and hard cheeses in particular have only a very small amount of lactose, and can generally be safely consumed. Plus with the great lactose free options of yoghurt, cream, custard and milk available (such as Zymil), there is always an option, which means you don’t miss out on the other great nutrition benefits dairy provides.



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