5 Ways To Ensure You Get A Perfect Nights Sleep

Sleep is the golden chain that ties all of our health together, which is why we need to ensure we can sleep undisturbed  throughout the night. Rachael Finch, Founder of Body by Finch shares 5 tips to ensure you get a perfect nights sleep.

1. Black out!

Light has a profound effect on our sleep. During the day, light stimulates the brain and body, making us feel awake, alert and energised. Light exposure at night also stimulates these feelings and it can heavily affect the quality of our sleep. To get the most from your time in bed, black out your bedroom as best you can. I have heavy, light blocking curtains in my room which are heavy and block every speck of light, even during the day!

2. Press mute.

Noises and notifications can also affect the quality of our sleep. If you’re a mama or new parent you’ll totally get what I mean. While it’s not possible 100% of the time, the goal is to limit all external noise to enable your body to rest as best as possible. I turn my phone on flight mode take it out of the room at bed time. If I’m sleeping in a hotel, I’ll ask for ear plugs.

3. Routine routine.

Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day can have a wonderful effect on your sleep and ultimately your energy throughout the day. When you wake at the same time every day you stabilise your circadian rhythm – the fancy name for your body clock! I find when I wake early at the same time I am more alert, focused, and start my day in a much calmer state. No matter when you plan to go to bed or wake, ensure you are getting at least 7-8 hours for optimum wellbeing.

4. Watch the liquids.

If you know you’re getting up throughout the night to go to the toilet (annoying!), maybe it’s time to think about limiting the liquids you’re consuming before bed. I try to drink the bulk of my fluids throughout the day when the sun is up then finish my last drink at least an hour or two before bed. My body is less disturbed and more inclined to repair and restore.

5. Technology.

I don’t like sleeping with technology in my room and if I do happen to have my phone with me, it’s on flight mode. Digital devices can only disturb our brain with flickering lights or notifications we just don’t need to know about at 2am. I also ask my partner to turn his phone to flight mode too, as annoying as it may be, everyone is happy when we wake from a delicious, deep sleep.


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