5 Simple Steps To Extending Your Summer Glow

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

The silly season is well and truly a distant memory.

Sleep ins, laying by the beach, bronzed skin, all those things that give that summer holiday glow and as we enter the third month of the year, we may be feeling a little dull, I know, insert sad face!

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There are many ways to keep that glow alive before we loose those sunny days completely and the best thing is, they are so easy to achieve.

Here are my top 5 products to get that holiday glow.

1. Exfoliate

Our skin needs to re-surface to become smooth and look brighter, this makes skin look so fresh, perfect for under makeup.

As our cell turnover slows down with time, it’s important to exfoliate your face and body at least once a week to refresh and remove fullness.

Some will say this can take away tan, which it can if you are wearing a fake tan, but most tans need to be re-applied weekly and need the Re-surfacing (polishing) effect to apply perfectly to skin.

This is a great way to easily give your skin glow.

Ultraceuticals Ultra Dual Microfoliant RRP $79

2. Gradual Tan

Anyone else starting to feel their summer skin tone is on a decline?

It’s a sad fact. Using a fake tan is not everyone’s cup of tea, so a gradual tan can be that little bit easier, with less worry about tan streaks, this is applied like a moisturiser, giving your skin hydration and an all over tonal glow!

St Tropez Tan Gradual Tan Medium RRP $34

3. Vitamin C serum

If there’s anything to add to your skincare routine when wanting that healthy holiday glow, it’s vitamin C.

Known for brightening and smoothing the skin, the antioxidant is all about adding glow to the skin, perfect to bring back radiance.

D’lumiere Esthetique Antioxidant Serum RRP $120

4. Warm Highlighter

So many of us use and love some highlight on the skin and whether it’s cream or powder based, we can’t get enough of that glow.

Check the undertone of your highlighter, as so many are silver, pink or almost pearl like. This is great for fair skin or for a more intense highlight for olive skin, but to add warmth and a summer glow to the face, use a golden, bronze based highlight to bring back summer!

inika Organic Cream Illuminator in Spice RRP $45

5. Bronzer

We can all guess why a bronzer can warm up our complexion and used with a larger brush, sweeping from centre out over the face can be great for an all over healthy glow.

But it’s also great as an under cheekbone contour for more face structure and a base eyeshadow shade and contour for the eye socket. Perfect way to bring summer to the face.

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer $72

So ladies, summer skin is only 5 simple steps away, add a fresh fragrance and you’ll feel like you did on your last summer holiday!


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