5 Ways To Finally Get Fit In 2018

Post silly season, many of us are feeling the pinch after the summer holidays and have made the resolution to get fit and healthy once and for all. We chatted with new health & fitness review platform FITtopia to learn 5 tips for getting fit once and for all.

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Make a Plan

If you want results, you have to create a realistic plan you will stick to even when you don’t feel like it. Choose a 45 minute slot before or after work, write it in your calendar and honour that commitment to yourself. For real this time.

Team up with a Friend

Research shows that working out with a friend or working out with people in your community helps people reach their goals quicker than those who do it alone. Your friend will act as an accountability mechanism and keep you on track even when you don’t feel like it. There are also apps like MyFitnessPal that help you stay accountable to your goals while encouraging community at the stay time.

Incorporate Little Daily Habits

To finally get fit in 2018, incorporate 1 small, daily habit per month. For example, in January try adding 20 glute bridges every month. In February, commit to 30 crunches before bed. All of the little changes add up to create big results.

Don’t Adopt an All or Nothing Approach

Most of us are quick to throw in the towel when we veer off the fitness track. Don’t be discouraged if you have a cheat day. Be kind to yourself, accept your humanity, and get back on the horse.

Find a Fun Workout

A likely reason you haven’t stuck with your goal in the past is because you’ve mentally associated exercise with ‘hard work’. There are so many alternatives to traditional gyms and burpees, it’s just a matter of finding the one that works for you. Here are a few ideas:

Scenic Cycle –

Every class feels like a holiday. Scenic Cycle’s main claim to fame is the HD screens projecting a virtual reality view of some of the world’s most amazing cycling routes. You can experience the untouched and untamed lands along the fierce West Coast of Tasmania, to the snow lined hill climbs through the French Alps and back to the beautiful sunset in the famous streets of San Francisco.

Retrosweat –

Retrosweat is a fabulous fusion of freestyle aerobic training and 1980s dance choreography. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a confident dancer to enjoy the workout. Everyone who participates in the class (there are girls AND boys) are encouraged to dressed up in ’80s workout gear. Big scrunchies. Bright leotards, muscle tanks and A LOT of attitude.

Movement Republic –

This Pyrmont studio is basically a freestyle playground. Imagination and creativity are highly encouraged by the friendly trainers.

Aerial Yoga –

Not only is aerial fun and photo worthy, but it is also a great way to get a deep stretch. Spending time upside down is also very good for stress management and relaxation.


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