5 Ways To Keeping Your Kids Active Indoor And Outdoor

When it comes to kids they are naturally full of energy and are usually more than happy to run around however modern technology is becoming increasingly exposed to children, which is fine in small doses however keeping your kids active should still be encouraged. Kids are creative in their own ways, usually coming up with their own games or sports however if you are struggling to get your kids moving Dean Evans, Co-Founder and Head Coach at The Football Centre shares 5 tips to help keep your kids active both indoor and out.

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Join a collaborative sport session

Joining a collaborative sport class or session will allow your child to learn new skills which they can practise both during and outside their class. Participating in an engaging sport lesson will allow your child to network with other children, learn new games and activities that he or she can take home with them.

Create an incentive

Creating an incentive might also encourage your child to be active or to participate in physical activity. You can do this by setting goals or small prizes for your child to build excitement and rewards around physical activity and being active. A great way to do this is by allowing the child to suggest some prizes of their choice (e.g their favourite dinner, movie or board game). Although being active is a reward in itself sometimes kids need a little push and encouragement in the right direction!

Make it social

Making sport or physical activity a social scene can also encourage your kids to undertake more application. Gathering a group of friends, or kids from around the neighbourhood to all join together in a sporting game such as a soccer match in your local park or even a backyard footy game can create a social aspect around physical activity. Making different teams and having competitions always work well with the ‘being a team-player’ side of things and also creates some friendly competition and determination to beat the other team!

Be Creative

Being creative with spaces as well can help keep your kids active even in the comfort of your own home. Keeping your kids active both inside and outside can be cost effective and easy. Sports can be played or practiced in spaces that lack resources it is just a matter of creativity to help you find the perfect spot. Using spaces such as your empty garage, your backyard or secured driveway to create a space where your child can practice or play some sport is as easy as it sounds. Activities you can do in the comfort of your own home can include kicking a soccer ball on a free wall, running races in your secure driveway or even jumping with a skipping rope in an empty garage. Simple ideas and spaces can sometimes be the most fun so be sure to take advantage of safe spaces around your home.

Making it fun

At the end of the day, physical activity should be fun for kids and not seen as a chore. Ensuring your child is having fun in what they do is key in keeping your kids active. Listening to their ideas and their suggestions can help you understand what kind of activities or sports they want to participate in which might help your kids have so much fun they will actually want to be active!



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