5 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Fitness Game

We’ve all got a goal or two when it comes to health and fitness and it isn’t always a smooth road that is going to lead us to them. Staying motivated, finding time or even not knowing where or how to start are just a few things that stand in our way when trying to get to where we want to be. So, if you’ve arrived fashionably late to the fitness party, you’ve been dancing around for a while, or you’re wanting to quietly back-door it; Striiv ambassador, Danielle Bazergy shares her 5 ways to get and STAY on top of your fitness game!

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1. Write down your goals

Firstly, figure out what it is you’re setting out to achieve, whether that be fitting into an old pair of jeans, lifting a certain weight at the gym, or just having that insane confidence to rock a bikini in peak time at the beach. Pick up a pen, find some paper (yes these things still exist) and write your goals down. Writing them down makes them a real (and possibly scary) thing! Once they’re out of your head and on that piece of paper, you’re going to be much more motivated to smash those goals.

2. Get a buddy to hold you accountable

Grab your mum, brother, partner, neighbour or housemate and get it done together! I find that working out with someone else makes it so much more enjoyable (and not just because you get to hurt together) as well as effective and motivating for you both. We tend to want to help others before we help ourselves, this way we’re helping ourselves too!

3. Invest in a fitness tracker to keep your health on track

Apart from making you look and feel the part of #fitnessgoals, fitness trackers have so many amazing benefits and are a great motivator to help keep you on top of your fitness game.

4. Schedule in your workouts

These days we tend to rely quite a bit on our iPhone calendars (or a trusty diary if you’re old-school). Scheduling your workouts in there should be just as important as your hair appointment, your 10am meeting with your boss, and the time you set aside each week to binge watch your favourite TV series. You’d never cancel on your boss – so don’t cancel on yourself!

5. Have a plan of attack

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared. Showing up to the gym without a planned workout in mind is risky, often it will lead to a lazy, unproductive and unintentional workout – we’ve all been there. Planning your workouts ahead of schedule can be a nice handy tool to use when trying to stay on top of your fitness game. Not only will it keep you interested and wanting to train, but it will also allow you to make your training effective in working towards a goal. I find planning my workouts a week or a few weeks at a time to be extremely helpful, or even following an online program can be handy if you’re new to the game.


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