6 Easy Lifestyle Tweaks To Become Your Healthiest Self

Too often people think that becoming healthier means making huge sacrifices. Instead of focusing on what you need to stop doing to be healthier, start thinking about what you can start doing instead. Most people have better sustained success with gradual changes as opposed to going cold turkey. Cutting out all your favourite things at once or taking an ‘all or nothing’ approach often leads to feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and deprived and this is a recipe for disaster. At first, these changes may feel a little alien but over time they will become habits- just like brushing your teeth. Sam Wood, founder of 28 by Sam Wood app shares his 7 lifestyle changes that will have you at your healthiest.

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1. Aim for 7 hours of sleep

When prioritising our health we often direct our focus on our nutrition and exercise without giving too much thought to our sleep habits. Sleep is so important as it is central to ensuring we have enough energy for work, relationships and life in general.  Sleep is also the time our body and mind recovers and the benefits of getting enough sleep range from better heart health and reduced stress to improved memory.

2. Walk more

You should be aiming to get to 10,000 steps per day and this is especially important if you work a desk job. We often underestimate how few steps we do unless we consciously make an effort to get active throughout the day. Small amounts of incidental activity all add up so make sure you get up and get moving every hour. Walking to work, parking further away and taking the stairs are great ways to get your steps up.

3. Drink 3 litres of water a day

Think of your body as a car, food as the fuel and water as the oil that keeps the engine ticking over. Water is so important when it comes to keeping your metabolic processes working properly, promoting energy and brain function and flushing out toxins. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go as a reminder to keep sipping throughout the day.

4. Get organised

Preparation is the key to success. Save time and stress during the week by spending an ‘hour of power’ in the kitchen over the weekend doing your meal prep. This will make you way less likely to give in to the temptation of Ubereats as you can grab a healthy meal from the freezer instead. Work out when you’re going to fit your workouts in throughout the week and consider them appointments with yourself that you cannot miss.

5. Portion your snacks

When you’re on the go or seriously starving you’re much more likely to overeat or make poor food choices. I like to have my snacks prepped and portioned so that I can grab and go without eating rubbish.

6. Shop with a list

If you’re anything like me then shopping on an empty stomach means you’ll soon become the proud owner of aisles 3, 4, 5 & 6. To save time and prevent impulse purchases or multiple trips to the shops, make sure you go there with a list so you know exactly what you need to purchase.

Remember, small changes = big results. Try one of my tips above and try to focus on one of these points at a time. Before you know it you’ll have established some great habits that will have you feeling healthier than ever in no time.


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