5 Morning Rituals To Set You Up For Success

Starting your morning with a regular routine can make a large impact when it comes to creating and maintaining a positive mindset. Your actions will then follow throughout the day.

If you’re not a morning person, my advice is to try become more organised the night before so there’s less thinking to do when getting up in the morning. For example, lay out your clothes the night before or create a list the night prior so all you have to do is read the list to take action the next morning. Removing decision making in the morning is a good way to help get the day get off to a good start if mornings aren’t your forte. Remember that it’s all about creating a routine; the more you do it the easier it gets as your body clock adjusts.

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The well-known phrase, ‘if you win the morning you win the day’ is completely true in my experience. Setting yourself up with an achievable routine that you can stick to the majority of the time is a great way to create a productive, healthy and energised mindset to assist in kick-starting your way into a successful day.

Business Coach, Alison Morgan shares some tips to set you up for the day.

Rise & shine

They say that early risers are more likely to stay on track all day and be far more productive so try to get up early and be productive from the get-go. Do a workout, make your bed, make your lunch for the day. Furthermore, Giving yourself a pocket of time to do things that will benefit you before the workday begins is important for your health and your mind.

Plan the day in advance

Planning and goal setting is vital for those wishing to get things done. The first step to doing so is to define your goals. Try starting each day knowing in advance what you need to do, where you need to be and what you need to achieve. This approach is very important for success, as it’s focused and eliminates time being wasted wondering what needs to be done. Have your day written and scheduled in your diary. Keeping it all in 1 place makes it far easier to keep track of.

Within your diary, obviously meetings would probably be booked in advance as they are scheduled ahead, however planning what needs to done during the other pockets throughout day allows heightened productivity for maximum gain – especially if there’s limited time! This is also a great way to ensure a work / life balance, particularly if you run your own business.

Dress for Success

I find that dressing for the occasion is extremely important for rising to the occasions and also enjoying a flexible lifestyle. It’s a great way to help you get in the zone for the various ‘hats’ that we all wear in life whether you are dressing for business, school pick up, fitness or brunch

Create a neat Workspace

Working in an organised and neat workspace is a must for any successful business. It’s a similar mentality to making your bed each morning. If this is something you can practice all the time, it will become second nature.

It’s incredible how messy the desk can become over a day so make sure you clear it each evening or morning before you start your next workday, as it helps to concentrate and stay focused. Even consider cleaning up as soon as you finish work to ensure it is fresh for you in the morning.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of this day It helps us start the day in a positive light and nourishes our minds from the fast we had while sleeping. While there are so many diets and timing options being promoted in this day and age, I think it is so important to have a breakfast that is protein rich to help energise your body and mind for the day. Even if you just want to consume a smoothie, it’s important to avoid energy crashes later in the day. Remember that a sharp mind needs a good diet as much as your body does.


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