6 Ways To Battle Through The Cold To Actually Enjoy Winter

Those ice-cold nights and dreary days have descended on us. If you’re starting to feel blue, Founder of Things by Bean, Jo Power shares 6 ways you can battle through the season and possible even enjoy it.

Winter has officially begun, and I, for one, am already counting down the days until summer.

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For those of you not lucky enough to swap the winter cold for the European summer, you’re not alone. There’s a bunch of us here in the icy trenches with you. And while the winter blues may not officially be recognised as a syndrome (not yet, anyway), there’s no denying it’s real.

If summer, autumn and spring often mean fresh foods, full social calendars and warm balmy nights spent outdoors enjoying a cool breeze, winter quickly brings us right back down to earth. Freezing mornings, low motivation, hibernation and often, coughs, colds and chills.

Winter is most definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, but there are some easy ways to survive the chilly season.

Embrace the fashion

Okay so we all know summer fashion is just fab but what about winter? Super cute coats, beanies and boots? Yes please! Winter fashion is all about looking stylish and keeping warm.

For those staying in, it’s hello oversized jumpers, warm blankets and slippers. Definitely nothing to complain about here.

The great thing is, during winter you can be completely comfortable and stylish, all while avoiding the dreaded wardrobe malfunction that often comes with slinky summer fashion. No need for Hollywood tape here!

Create your summer body

It’s a general consensus that most people dread working out in winter. It’s freezing cold and dark, and the lure of your bed is just too enticing. But think about it for a minute. Working out in summer means awful sweating conditions, workouts cut short due to heat, and smelly gyms.

So, what are the perks of winter workouts? Well, first, endorphins. Let’s face it, what better way is there to stay motivated and positive during the gloomy winter months than filling your body with endorphins. There’s also limited sweating as the temperature doesn’t add to the heat of exercise. Also, working out in winter is actually far more refreshing, and once you are warmed up you won’t even notice the cold. There’s also no better way to get the blood pumping through your body to stay warm throughout the day. Finally, let’s not forget that winter is the best season to get in shape for bikini season. Surprise everyone by breaking out your new amazing bod in summer – no one even knew you were cooking it under those sweatpants.

Make the most of indoors

While one of the perks of summer is spending a great amount of time outdoors, spending time indoors actually has a lot of advantages. You can achieve so many more things, especially around the home. Get meal prepping so you’re super organised when it comes to your food and as an added bonus, you can stay warm while cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Win/win!

Winter is also a good excuse to declutter. Spend those cold and miserable days sorting out your wardrobe, kitchen cabinets and living room. Get organised, throw some things away, donate some things. You can even sell some things to make a bit of extra cash. And for those of you who feel guilty about spending your weekend on the lounge, don’t! You never need an excuse to cosy up on the coach and binge on your favourite reality show.

Warm yourself from the inside out

If summer is all about salads and light meals, winter is all about hearty soups and warm meals. Pass up the cold foods and warm yourself up from the inside out. Stock up on delicious warming pies and soups, and of course you can’t go through winter without treating yourself to hot chocolate mug cakes with gooey marshmallow. Yum!

Have a friends-night in

Winter is the perfect excuse to invite the girls over for a good old fashioned bonding session. Whether it’s a pot-luck meal or a full-blown feast you’ve whipped up yourself, treat your friends to a lovely dinner party. You can even throw in some fun activities or games. Grab some cards and write each other some handwritten letters. Do you even remember the last time you received a heartfelt note? Or invite everyone over earlier and bake up a storm together. It’s all about looking after your friendships and spoiling your loved ones.

Think about you

During winter, give yourself that extra bit of love you often forget about during your busy social season. Take some time out for a massage, spend the night at home giving yourself a facial, run yourself a nice, warm bubble bath and pick up an interesting book. Winter is the perfect time to give your skin a little bit of TLC, especially as skin can dry out due to the cold weather.

If pampering isn’t your thing, take up a new hobby. Always wanted to try yoga? Go ahead. Meditating? Download some apps and give it a go.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you’re doing it for you. Spoil yourself!

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