6 Ways To Harness Creativity In Business

A successful business is built on love. But, it’s hard to love your business when you feel as if your creativity is being quenched. Bogged down in paperwork? Slogging away at tasks which don’t suit your talents? Breathe some life back into your business by harnessing your creativity. Capturing your creativity is the key to a thriving business which aligns with your dream lifestyle and long term goals. Founder of Reality Check, Bo Kitty shares six simple tips to harness your creativity, every day.

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1. Outsource

So often, our creativity is run dry because we spend it on the wrong things. If there is an everyday task which you find particularly difficult, it will most likely drain you of time and creative energy. The trick here is to outsource and delegate, so you can focus on what feeds you. If writing is not your thing, hire a copywriter. If putting together graphics drives you mad, find a designer. If social media is confusing, get a communications guru on board. Even time consuming home tasks can be demanding of our creativity – if you really hate cleaning, hire a cleaner and enjoy a little extra time to yourself. That way you can spend your creative energy doing what you love.

2. Learn the rules, then break them.

Don’t follow formulas. It doesn’t matter how many articles you’ve read about the perfect marketing strategies – you need to do you. Creativity is found when difference is embraced. Grow in confidence and try something new. By identifying your point of difference and leaning into it, you open yourself to new creative challenges.

3. Share your life.

Don’t think that your business has to be all business. It should be about you too. What drives you? What lights up your creativity? What gets you thinking? Share these aspects of your life with your audience. By broadening the kind of content you create to represent your business, you are inviting creativity to come knocking!

4. First impressions count.

Think creatively about how you sell yourself. By presenting your products or services in interesting ways, you can show some personality. For a start – think about your pricing structure, your product descriptions and the imagery you use. Is there some way you can spice things up a bit and set yourself apart. Let your creativity run wild and watch the results roll in.

5. Earn creatively.

Creative problem solving applies to money making too. Aim for multiple income streams. Part of being an entrepreneur is having many ways to bring in income, when there is no salary to rely on. This means you can go where the work is – and bring your creativity with you. Diversify what you offer and network in different circles.

6. Party your way to success.

Yes, partying is part of your business plan. Relax, let down your hair and revive your creativity. Stimulate your creative juices by spending time with good friends. Be inspired by art galleries, Ted Talks, exercise, travel and other hobbies. Invest in yourself and your creativity will be better used. If you’re feeling weighed down by your to-do list, take a break and remember what matters.

Creativity is so often neglected, at the detriment of our businesses. If we lose the ability to think outside the box, we get locked in the box – along with our hopes and dreams. Get out of your creativity rut and harness it for the health of your business. Delegate tasks, share your life, problem solve and party your way days away. Harnessing your creativity it the best investment you can make. Choose to be different, choose to be you. Your customers and bank account with thank you.


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