Top Tips For At Work Social Etiquette And Career Success

It is common knowledge that happy work places are the most productive and profitable. We talk to career expert Melinda O’Rourke from MO Luxury on the importance of social etiquette in the work place and insight into what behaviour ensures career success.



Melinda O’Rourke, The Founder and Director of MO Luxury Specialist Consulting Solutions on getting the right balance:

RESCU: How important is it to build social networks in an office environment?

Melinda O’Rourke: Very important. It will make working life more enjoyable and it shows you are a ‘team player’ and have integrated into the company/culture quickly, which shows flexibility, open mindedness and a willingness to achieve.

RESCU: What is the best way to present yourself to managers and co-workers?

Melinda O’Rourke: Be confident. More confidence in yourself means that you are comfortable with where you are at work-wise and personally. However, a strong dose of self-awareness is equally as important. A quiet confidence is always welcomed by management as this usually reflects consideration and professionalism.

RESCU: Can you be too sociable?

Melinda O’Rourke: Being too friendly earns a reputation as all talk and no action – spending more time nattering around the water cooler than talking over ideas in the boardroom. Of course, don’t get drunk at office functions or on Friday drinks, and if you’re a manager, keep removed from your employees’ social catch-ups, as tempting as they may seem. In general, friendly talking and a level of social networking/emailing/coffee are all fine as long they don’t overstep the company guidelines.

RESCU: How can you avoid getting involved in office gossip?

Melinda O’Rourke: If you receive information of a gossipy nature, stop it right there and don’t pass it on. Don’t get involved. There is a no-win situation and managers will ‘sniff’ out the office gossips a mile away.

RESCU: What’s the best way to approach unfriendly people?

Melinda O’Rourke: Take a step back to observe personalities. Find out what it is about a certain person that is challenging and think of a couple of ways to approach them.  For example, when you know a person has a short fuse or stresses easily, there’s no point in inflaming the situation, so choose your time to approach them to discuss work-related matters.  You don’t want to feel threatened and co-workers will want to feel comfortable approaching you with work related queries as well.


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