A Mum-of-Four and Successful Business Owner Shares How She Discovered The Best Skin Of Her Life.

In 2019, if we’re sure of anything, it’s this: The juggle is real. Between fitting fitness in, climbing the corporate ladder, organising our family, and keeping our friendships intact, you can forgive the woman who has it all for skipping the 10-step skincare routine.

That said, neglecting our skin (and our micro-moments of self-care) doesn’t do anyone any good, so we’re on a mission to figure out how to make it work. After encountering the new Elizabeth Arden Superstart range — a three-step routine of probiotic and prebiotic enriched products — we decided to ask three of the busiest women we knew to take it for a test drive to discover whether the Superstart trio would give these superwomen the beautiful skin they deserve, without causing any of the balls in the air to drop.


First up: Wendy El Khoury — the dynamite Founder and Director of Wedded Wonderland and Wonderland Media. Since its inception 7 years ago, Wendy’s empire has grown from a one-woman show to a fully-fledged company that demands media appearances and long workdays. Wendy also happens to have four (yes, four!) kids, two of whom are under 2 years old, meaning her skincare minutes are limited and self-care can become an after-thought at best.

Mornings with Wendy

As we’re sure you can gather, Wendy’s mornings are hectic.

“Mornings start at 5am for me, with my five-month-old Elijah crowing at the crack of dawn — it’s bottle time. Whilst feeding him I check social media and my emails — I type a few and save in drafts ready to send once my team are at work. Once he has been fed, my one-year old Alexena tends to shuffle around for her bottle, which wakes up Nikolai and Gabriel, her older brothers.”

From here, it’s breakfast, packing lunches, school uniforms, packing homework, and — at some point — Wendy finding time to shower, brush her teeth, and apply her face. “I have found after four children, I’m lucky if I get to go to the bathroom by myself. Then there is the challenge of getting all the kids into the car…”

Wendy’s Skincare Routine

Despite the busy routine, Wendy is not in a position to let her skincare routine fall by the wayside — as her empire has expanded, her media appearances have increased, and her skin has moved up a notch on the priorities list.

“My mother recently told me not to turn right or left on TV as my side profile makes me look older ha! Most small business owners today, whether in media or otherwise, are in front of a camera, it is the way of the world today, and looking exhausted is NOT on brand for me”

Before starting the Elizabeth Arden Superstart regime, Wendy described her skincare routine as, “a little embarrassing… I cleanse in the shower with a foam cleanser, use eye cream occasionally, and moisturise each morning in the car before I apply my makeup (at traffic lights). I try and see a beauty/skin therapist once a month and treat myself to a facial.”

Our prognosis? Wendy’s on the right track, she just needs a routine that fits into her life — not the other way around.

Wendy’s Superstart Experience

When asked how easy it was to incorporate the Elizabeth Arden Superstart regime into her busy life, Wendy exclaimed, “Surprisingly quite simple! I didn’t actually feel like I was doing anything extraordinary. I keep all products in my bathroom vanity next to my toothbrush, so they stare me in the face, and I don’t forget to use them.”

Her top pick of the pack was the Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster. Describing herself as ‘obsessed,’ she said she loved, “the texture of it, and how it makes my skin look and feel afterwards — this product is a keeper! My little secret now!”

The weekly Elizabeth Arden Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask quickly became a much-loved ritual, with an added benefit that none of us could have predicted; “I had to schedule in time to apply the mask — it was a late night ritual at the El-Khoury residence. It actually made me sleep better! Is that bizarre?!”

After the trial, Wendy noticed her skin looked and felt, “Better, healthier, more vibrant… a little more me” — exactly the results this powerhouse deserves.

Stay tuned for the rest of RESCU’s Superstart for Superwomen series.


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