A Satisfying Salad: perfect in place of soup for spring

By Keeva Stratton

As the sun comes out and we begin to transition into spring, the thought of leaving sumptuous soups behind in favour of salads can seem a little unfulfilling. But with these simple ideas of combining soup ingredients into your salads, you can feel sated and full of energy as the seasons change.

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato:

Traditional soup vegetables, pumpkin and sweet potato, can be just as easily included in salads to add a flavour-filled and nutritious boost. Simply cut your veggies into chunks, coat lightly in olive oil and add paprika, cinnamon, cumin seeds or sumac for a spicy punch. When combined with fresh leafy greens, pine nuts and your favourite goat’s cheese or ricotta, this is one salad that makes a meal of the rest.

Legumes, Grains and Nuts:

Filling, and packed with good proteins and fats – by adding legumes such as chickpeas or green lentils, grains like quinoa or cous cous, and nuts such as walnuts, Brazil nuts or hazelnuts, you’re adding a range of flavours and textures to create a memorable salad. Combine with finely sliced red onion, grilled peppers or semi-dried tomato, and fresh herbs for a sweet hit.


Many of our fave soup proteins work equally well in salads. From poached chicken breasts to prawns, avocado to nuts. To balance these more smooth flavours with crispness and crunch, why not try loading your salad full of fresh herbs, such as mint and coriander, as well as adding seasonal veggies such as fennel, red cabbage, fresh corn, and even a little red chilli thinly sliced, for serious flavour. Dress with fresh lime, lemon or white wine vinegar combined with a touch of honey, to really bring the salad to life.

For further suggestions on how to make filling salads this spring, we suggest visiting Alexx Stuart’s blog!


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