Rock Hard Abs In 3 Steps

Here is the TRUTH about ABS training

It may come as a shock to some but those that have undergone a body transformation program will tell you that, without the focus on correct nutrition and supplementation combined with proper training with the focus on fat burning, it would be safe to say that those 100 crunches you are doing everyday right now are an ABSOLUTE waste of time. Sally Matterson, Owner and Creator of the Extreme Shredder Training Systems gives her expert advice on what actually works.

90% of my clients have to address the fat on top of the abs through doing heavy duty compound exercises or more ‘bang for your buck’ exercises like deadlifts, squatting etc. This has been proven to burn more fat and calories in addition to making your core strong.


With the exception of a client who has had back and postural issues some deeper core activation can be beneficial with the introduction of Pilates based exercises however it must be noted that you will NOT get any aesthetic benefits of core training unless you address the FAT FIRST!

I do not train ABS myself as I find based on my research and competing experience, being consistent with nutrition, supplementation and correct weight training will get great AB development through the mid-section as well as keep you lean through the torso all year round…now that’s a revelation…can I get a YEAH!

If a client has FIRST shredded and they are looking at developing their mid-section further, or in other words, you want to grow the muscle more I have put together the below circuit designed to make it hard for you get out of bed in the morning for a least a few days after!

I would suggest doing this training at end of your circuit based fat blasting workouts I have done in the past.

Do a three exercise circuit four sets through – targeting the entire mid-section plus helping improve mobility which is awesome if you want to improve core stability & activation.

A1 Superman
A2 Plank alternating elbows
A3 Squat to stand

Through repetition of these exercises, you will start to see the fat shed and notice ab definition forming from underneath.

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