How To Treat The Top Three Skin Dilemmas Of Australian Women

RESCU sat down with Tracey Beeby, Global Education Ambassador at Ultraceuticals, to give us expert advice on how to transform your skin by treating the three top dilemmas that Australian women face today.

RESCU: What are the top three skin concerns of Australian Women?

Tracey Beeby: The top three skin dilemmas that Australian women are most concerned with are hyperpigmentation, adult acne and aging.

RESCU: What are the common underlying factors that play a role in the cause of these dilemmas?

Tracey Beeby: Because our skin is the largest organ of the body and also one of the most reactive, it often presents various skin concerns. A number of factors contribute toward skin concerns, from biological to environmental factors, a skin dilemma or concern can be a result of both internal and external contributors.

What is incredible is that Ultraceuticals new Real, Visible Results in 90 days (RVR90) campaign addresses these contributing factors head-on, providing each of our clients with an individually tailored 90-day journey to achieve their best ever skin.

RESCU: You have identified hyperpigmentation as the main skin concern amongst Australian women, tell us more about this.

Tracey Beeby: The term ‘pigmentation’ refers to the skin’s natural colour irrespective of any sun exposure. ‘Hyperpigmentation’ is the over production of melanin resulting in skin darkening, if this happens in one clustered spot it can form dark patches or ‘age spots’.

Hyperpigment can be a tricky one too, because the causes can range across a number of different factors including hormones, certain medications, sun damage, trauma to the skin or the natural ageing process. Therefore, treatments vary depending on the individual and there are many factors that are taken into consideration when treating this condition.

RESCU: Are there different levels of treatment for hyperpigmentation?

Tracey Beeby: Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation that occurs after a skin breakout, such as red-brown marks following a pimple most often is more easily removed, as the pigment is very superficial. However, hyperpigmentation that has been visible for several years will take a longer period of time to shift as it rooted more deeply in the skin.

Many people will say that they are sensitive and quite reactive to skincare products. If they are reactive, it means that there is a need to focus on the repair of the barrier before we can add any active treatment or corrective products into their routine.

Ultraceuticals active ingredients are designed to correct a specific concern. With hyperpigmentation, we address this through our Ultra Brightening Range; the products work with the natural repair processes of the skin, correcting the overproduction of hyperpigmentation.

Expert Tip: Protection is always the most important product to use whenever you are treating hyperpigmentation. Without daily use of SPF 30 minimum, hyperpigmentation will only get worse.


RESCU: Does this mean you can’t wear makeup while treating the skin?

Tracey Beeby: Following most in clinic treatments for hyperpigmentation makeup can be worn over the daily SPF 30 or 50+. If acne is also of concern, generally mineral makeup is advised but even minerals should never be left on overnight!

RESCU: What are common physical signs of adult acne on the skin?

Tracey Beeby: Most often when I am presented with a client with acne, quite often the skin is very weak, red, flaky, reactive and inflamed. Often this may be due to the use of unsuitable products or over treating or scrubbing the skin.

RESCU: How does Ultraceticals treat adult acne?

Tracey Beeby: To start off treating this condition we would prioritise by repairing the barrier with just the use of homecare, using our Ultra Clear range, for a couple of weeks before progressing into treatments.

When the barrier is healthy we would then add a treatment product into the routine – Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion in the first month and in the second month we would add the Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum to assist to regulate oil flow. Acne is best treated when combined this with in-clinic fortnightly treatments of Mandelic Acid Peels, the results have been outstanding.

It never ceases to amaze me how effective our products are. We are currently running some RVR90 case studies in our head office for an internal campaign and in every case we have seen a visible change in the skin in just 2 weeks. This has even been the case with acne.

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RESCU: Aging is a concern that every woman will address in her life, as aging is inevitable and always continuous. Tell us a little bit about this?

Tracey Beeby: At Ultraceuticals we define ageing in 2 categories, 1. Fine lines and wrinkles and 2. Loss of firmness.

Vitamin A (our Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum range) contains retinol: one of the most recognised and effective anti-ageing ingredients available. Vitamin C (our Ultra C Range) contains L-Ascorbic Acid, also recognised as a potent age-defying ingredient that will provide antioxidant protection from daily environmental aggressors and helps improve skin resilience and firmness.

By using both these ingredients in a progressive homecare program, results can generally be seen within a 90-day period. If we are presented with static wrinkles on the other hand, these are facial lines that are always visible even when our face is at rest, these can be very difficult to correct without addressing the muscular concerns and would involve other types of skin procedures.

At the end of the day we can always find something on our skin that needs to be improved. We never stop ageing and our bodies always change, so it is important to have your skincare programs updated regularly.

At Ultraceuticals we say that approximately 70% of results are obtained through the use of homecare so it is vital that your homecare and treatment program are updated on a regular basis according to your skin concerns.


RESCU recommends: As you know we’re all about expert advice. Visit the highly trained Ultraceuticals experts at David Jones who can assist with tailoring a skincare package uniquely for you, addressing your specific skin concerns. We tried it and we love it!

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