Alex Perry On How to Get Your Style Back After Having a Baby

Even if you’re a fabulous fashionista, it can be difficult to get your style back after having a baby. Alex Perry gives us some sure fire glamour tips to get us out of our jeggings and into the groove after having a baby!

I’ve never had a daby (duh) but working mainly with women I know plenty of friends, clients and colleagues that have. And they all say the same thing – after a baby, it’s really hard to get your sense of style back.

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Well, lets face it – this has got to be hands down, the LEAST glamorous time in your life. A time when you turn into a human milk machine that is alternatively covered in poop or puke. A time when running your fingers through your hair counts as grooming. A time when you suddenly realise you’re still wearing hubby’s fave old tee shirt and Pj pants from 2 days ago, and you wonder “Jimmy Whoo?!”

So what can you do to find your fashion mojo in the early months of motherhood when you can barely find your toothbrush?
And just how do you get some sandpit style that suits your changing post baby body shape?
Get out of your jeggings as I reveal my sure fire tips for getting your glamour groove back, with a babe in arms. 4 Style tips for those first few Post baby months…

4 Style tips for after having a baby: 

1. DO your hair and makeup.

And by “do”, I mean wash it. And daub it. A bright lip delivers easy glamour that makes you want to smile, even when you’re too tired. If you can, a quick once over with your GHD smoothes the most unruly hair. I’ve heard that Babies also love white noise so your hairdryer may serve a dual purpose here! A piled high messy bun is best in unwashed hair, or save a bad hair day with a chic hat. Just DONT cut it!! Why does every new mother want to crop their locks?? I’ll put it down to hormones. The last thing you need when you’re not feeling like yourself is to look like someone else.

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2. Bling baby.

Keep your clothing simple and neutral, then accessorise with anything sparkly for an instant outfit pick-me-up. Try glitter head bands, cocktail rings, armfuls of bangles, embellished shoes or bejewelled necklaces (just make sure they can’t hurt baby). Metallics bedazzle best, wear diamantes by day and sequins by the sandpit for a healthy dose of glamour.

3. Accessorise with scarves.

There are a million ways to wear scarves and they’ll add Parisienne chic to any outfit. Wear them long and loose to create an illusion of length and conceal the mama tummy. They double for feeding modesty too!

4. DON’T leave home without Sunglasses.

And don’t just wear them on your head – oversized black shades will hide your super tired eyes. They also add movie star glamour. Look for this season cats eye shapes, classic Rayban Wayfarer or Jackie O styles.

Your body might not “bounce” back as quickly as Miranda’s, so in the meantime you’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve.

Here are four fab fixes for changing body shapes:

1. Kaftan tops and dresses – these are your best friends to flatter your changing curves. The loose style means they’ll always fit, plus they’re mega glamorous in sheer billowing fabrics like chiffon.

2. Bold patterns and prints – distract from a fuller bust and tum, whilst also concealing baby puke. Genius.

3. Streeetch fabrics – Ditch the leggings. Get into Ponte. it’s a heavier stretch jersey that is super slimming over thighs that aren’t quite skinny Jean ready. Long line cardigans are great for skimming over butt, tum and thighs. Go for a super fine knit that is drapey and super slimming. Luxury. Comfort. Glamour.

4. Foundation garments – suck in the jiggly bits with a step in, tummy shaper or butt firming pant. Just remember to buy it one size smaller than you think you are, so it really holds you in. They actually do work and you’ll feel more confident.

If you’re still reading, thanks for not falling asleep between feeds and nappy changes. I’ll know who you are when i spot a kaftan wearing hot Mama with dark shades and a bright lip wiping baby puke off her boldly printed scarf!

By Alex Perry
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