Are Chakras Relevant to the Modern Day Woman?

The Upanishads, ancient Hindu texts, were one of the first to document the existence of Chakras around 800BCE. Chakras, your energetic and spiritual core, affect your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Your mood, your energy levels, even the rate at which you age is influenced by your Chakras.

By Michela D’Addario – Mindset Specialist, Quantum Healer and Teacher, Facilitator of the ‘Chakra Ascension Journey’, Dru Yoga Teacher

The most well known Chakra system involves the first seven Chakras and these energy centres (vortexes), are situated along the spine starting at the base with the Root chakra (red) moving up to the Sacral (orange – below navel), Solar Plexus (yellow), Heart (green), Throat (blue), Third Eye (indigo) and Crown (violet – crown of head).

Are Chakras relevant to the Modern Day Woman

We also can extend into a 12 Chakra system and a 22 Chakra system, that includes chakras that go beyond the physical body, and they have additional importance in realising our destiny and spiritual potential.

Each Chakra holds it’s own inner world with unique spiritual power, light and wisdom and reveals an aspect of your True Self, your destiny and life purpose. You literally awaken the light of your destiny and your potential as you journey through each chakra with awareness.

What causes blockages in our Chakras?
Each chakra governs a major endocrine gland. As each vortex spins, it flows vital energy up through the whole endocrine system.

The flow of energy through our Chakras and their level of radiance can become dimmed, distorted and blocked by past ‘low vibrational’ emotional and mental imprints (this life and past lives). These imprints can be created by stress, trauma, hurt, reactivity, negative thinking, stuck emotions, unresolved grief/loss and neglect or disconnection from our higher wise self.

The light of each Chakra forms your Higher Self, the highest level of your being: Your Captain, your inner Buddha, your spiritual CEO, your inner Goddess or High Priestess. And this light radiates from your higher Heart Chakra. Our life force is expressed through our Chakras in a spiral of empowerment or disempowerment. If our chakras get blocked our energy stops flowing freely upwards supporting our growth and evolution, and de-evolves creating fragmentation and weakening of our energy flow and light, making it more difficult to follow through and hold positive change and stay on path. This breakdown in energy impacts eventually on our physical body, creating fatigue issues, dis-ease and premature aging.

What can you do to help your Chakras?
There are many different levels at which you can work with your Chakras. Chakras can be healed, transformed, strengthened, and balanced through concentration and meditation exercises, yoga practice, breath, chanting specific mantras, affirmations, sacred sounds and healing visual images and colour. The key is to keep your Chakras revolving at a high rate of speed (high vibration) and harmoniously in sync with one another.

1.    Knowledge, Reflection and Positive Action
Commit to learning more about Chakras. Increase your knowledge. And then put that knowledge into practice by sitting daily, over a week, with the first chakra for just a few minutes and meditating and reflecting on the insights that come through, and then the next week, do the second Chakra and so on.

I recommend to my clients and students to always honour your personal unique experience. There is no right or wrong. And remember to always work sensitively, and with awareness, as your Chakras are very powerful.

Now take some positive action with your Chakra energy! For instance with your Heart Chakra consider specific ways you could be more loving to those around you both personally and professionally. What would be a simple act of kindness, a small loving gesture you could do for yourself and for those most important people in your life? What could you do today?

Consistency is key. Do this daily for at least a week and you will see wonderful positive changes, as life loves you back!

2.    Heal the emotional imprints burdening the Chakras
You can journey inwards more deeply to clear past emotional imprints, raise the vibration of your Chakras, and access intuitive guidance to support your potential and purpose. This deeper work is best done with the guidance of an experienced facilitator.

 3.   Strengthen the energy of your Chakras
Help clear and strengthen the Chakra energy pathways for better health and a stronger more youthful endocrine system with Acupuncture, Kinesiology, 10 -15 minutes daily Yoga practice that focuses on the Chakras or the ‘5 Tibetan Rites’ Practice.

Take the time to get to know this amazing universe inside you! Your Chakras are a reflection of your greatest most sacred Self and are also the place where we all connect with the Universal Life Force and Divine Consciousness. Just 5 minutes a day sitting with awareness in your Higher Self light can make all the difference. Our Chakras enhance our ability to navigate life with confidence, resilience, love and grace…hmm sounds rather useful to the modern goddess!

“Listen to your heart. It knows all things,

because it came from the Soul of the World,

and it will one day return there.”

The Alchemist

Michela D’Addario is a mindset specialist and quantum healer whose expertise, spans 30 years, and has benefited thousands of women and men wishing to better align with their higher self, and experience greater emotional and spiritual clarity. For more information, visit her website.

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