The Ultimate Love Spells For Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and if you don’t have someone special to share it with, we have the perfect back-up plan. If 2017 hasn’t brought you romance yet, it might be time to cast a love spell! Marianne Vicelich, author of Love Spells, shares her favourite spells, potions and rituals for you to perform at home on February 14th.

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In the lead up to Valentine’s Day if you are not seeing signs of love occurring in the natural world or in your dreams, perhaps it is time to take matters into your own hands. Love spells have worked for centuries to attract love and ensure it is requited. For the best result, perform these spells when the moon is waxing (going from new to full), unless directed otherwise.

When casting spells for love, you must always believe that the spell will work. Doubting the power of magic will never make your wishes come true. Also, be aware that love spells cannot bewitch someone into falling in love with you – rather, a love spell performed correctly enhances your own magical energy so that you can attract the right person.

Spells to Win the Love of Someone You Desire

If you have met someone you want to be your love, or if you have your eye on a certain someone but are not sure the feeling is requited, use these spells to hasten your prospect’s affection.

Rose and Candle Spell

Perform this spell in the evening before bedtime.

You will need:

A red rose
Two large red candles

Arrange the rose and candles on a table by your bedside, putting the rose between the candles. Do not light the candles yet. Go to sleep. At sunrise the next morning, sit by an open window that faces east. Hold the rose and recite these words:

This red rose is for true love

True love, come, come, to me

Return the rose to its place on the table. Light both candles, and, as you look into their flames, visualise love growing in the heart of your intended. Keep the candles lit for a full day and night or until the rose begins to wilt. Bury the rose in a sunny spot.

Seed and Coin Spell

You will need:

Potting soil
A pot
A coin
A packet of seeds (herbs work well)

Place the soil in the pot until it is two-thirds full. Go outside one clear night when the moon is out and hold a shiny new coin up, facing the moonlight. Then, bury the coin in the soil. Next, arrange the seeds on top of the soil so they form the initial of your object of desire’s first name. Cover the seeds with soil and sprinkle with water.

As the seeds sprout and grow, so will your love. Keep the pot in sunlight during the day and in moonlight during the night. The coin and the forces of the sun and moon will work together to draw love to you.

Love Potions

Potions are powerful tools that can enhance spells or be used on their own to create love where none existed before. They can be essential oil mixtures, used in conjunction with candles for maximum effect, or decoctions or other edibles taken by mouth.

Clary Sage Potion

This essential oil combination can be used to draw a new lover to you, or it can enhance harmony in an existing relationship.

You will need:

3 drops clary sage oil
1 drop sandalwood oil
1 drop ylang-ylang oil
A small bowl
A pink or red candle

Stir the oils together in the bowl and then rub the mixture all over the candle. Light the candle and burn for three hours. Be careful to gently snuff out the flame, as blowing out the candle will blow your wishes away. Repeat each day as necessary until the desired result is achieved.

Citrus Potion

This essential oil recipe is best used when you have a lover in mind but that person thinks of you only as a friend.

You will need:

3 drops lavender oil
1 drop lemon oil
3 drops orange or tangerine oil
A small bowl
A candle of any colour

Stir the oils together in the bowl and then rub the mixture over the candle. Light the candle and say the name of your love interest three times out loud. Let the candle burn for three hours before you snuff it out. To heighten the effect of this potion, you may also light the candle when you and your love interest are together (but you must not say why you are performing the ritual).

Flower Herb Potion

Mix up this potion before you pay a visit to the person you wish to be your love.

You will need:

Small bunch marigold
Small bunch lavender
Small bunch rosemary
Mortar and pestle
A shallow dish

Place the herbs in the light of a full moon for three hours. Next (and this can be done the following day), strip or pluck the soft leaves and petals from the stems of the herbs and flowers. Using the mortar and pestle, muddle the leaves together until their fragrance is released. Transfer the concoction to the shallow dish and place in a room where you know your love interest will be spending time.

Gemstones For Love

Gems and semi-precious stones may also be used in spells and rituals to attract and foretell love.

Rose Quartz Spell

You will need:

Four candles
A table and a chair
A piece of rose quartz

Place the candles on the table at due north, due south, due east, and due west. Light them. Hold the rose quartz in your hands and sit in a chair, facing the table. Close your eyes and repeat the following:

As the room fills with the energy of this stone,

May love full my life so I am not alone.

Then place the rose quartz on the table in the middle of the candles and say:

New love, enter into my world and into my heart,

New love, let us never be apart.

Gently snuff out the candles and let the candles and quartz sit on the table overnight.

Rituals for a Requited Love

If you have your eye on a certain someone and you want to know if the love will be reciprocated, heed these signs:

Before you go to bed at night name the corners of your bedroom. The first corner you look upon when you wake the next morning indicates the person with who you will have the best chance of love.

The next time you get the hiccups, think of the person you want to fall in love with you. If the hiccups stop within 10 seconds, it augers well for a relationship between the two of you. If they continue for longer, this person will never be your long-term partner.

Take four onions, and on each write the name of one person you are interested. Put them under your bed and wait a full day. The onion that sprouts will be the person who you will love. If no onion sprouts, you will have to look elsewhere for love.

Write down all the names of your love interests, each on a separate piece of paper. Cut as many pieces of yarn as there are pieces of paper and tape or tie the pieces of paper to the strands of the yarn. Place the pieces of paper in a bag, with the free ends of the yarn sticking out, and, closing your eyes, choose one piece of yarn. The name at the end of the yarn will be your future love.


Love Spells by Marianne Vicelich 

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