Baby Corrella Pear, Smoked Beetroot and Goats Curd Salad Recipe

If you’re looking for a refreshing salad on the side when hosting your dinner party, then we have the perfect salad to complete your meal. This pear, beetroot and goats curd salad by Banksii head chef Hamish Ingham will serve 6 people as a side dish or you could enjoy this on it’s own.



3 x Corrella pears sliced finely
3 x bunch baby red beetroot
1 x bunch baby yellow beetroot sliced in rounds very fine
2 x pomegranates, seeds removed
100g x baby red sorrel
100g x macadamia nuts
300g x goats curd
2 x lemons juiced
50ml x chardonnay vinegar
20g x honey
100ml x extra virgin olive oil
100g x wood chips for smoking
salt & pepper


1. Trim baby red beetroots, place them in a pot of salted water.

2. Bring to the boil and cook until just tender (approx 20min) then strain and cool.

3. Once cooled, peel and place beets on a steamer tray or steamer pot with a lid.

4. In a pan heat the wood chips until smoking then place chips in the bottom of the steamer pot/tray.

5. Place the beetroot on the steaming tray, cover with a lid and set aside. Make sure the lid fits tightly and if not, cover with foil to keep the smoke in.

6. In a mixing bowl place the goats curd, lemon juice and a splash of oil and mix well, season lightly with salt and pepper set aside.

7. To make the dressing mix the honey, vinegar, olive oil and pomegranate seeds in a bowl.

8. Slice the smoked beetroots in half and coat in the honey, pomegranate dressing.

9. Arrange the dressed beets in a serving bowl, layer spoonfuls of the goats curd on top, then layer thinly sliced yellow beetroots and pear over the top of the salad. Use the remaining dressing to pour over the top with shaved macadamia nuts and garnish with baby red sorrel. Serve immediately.


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