The Biggest Beauty Myths Busted

Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Beauty and Lifestyle Expert

Don’t believe they hype when it comes to hair, skin, nail and cosmetic chatter. Here are 10 of the biggest beauty myths busted.


MYTH: Concealer on the eyelids anchors eyeshadow.

“Putting concealer on the lid before shadow is my pet peeve!” says Max Factor Makeup artist, Liz Kelsh. “Not only does it dilute the colour of the eyeshadow, but it also promotes creasing,” she says, advising that If you have some discoloration or visible veins on your lid an eye primer is a much better way to go.

MYTH: Curling lashes after applying mascara will break them.

Not true. Mascara formulations are so moisturizing and nourishing these days, it seems that using mascara prior to curling may actually create a protective cocoon on the follicle during crunch time.

MYTH: You should cut your own nail cuticles

“No, never bite, nibble or cut cuticles!” urges Alison Bowhill-Hayes, Sally Hansen Nail Expert. “If it’s loose or torn then gently ease them back only. Do not let anyone use tools that can penetrate skin causing blood, so no cutting cuticles, skin or razoring/slicing off hard skin should be permitted in salon either. It’s against the NSW Health Dept. Regulations.” Instead, use a cuticle cream and professional cuticle pusher to do this. Apply vitamin e nail and cuticle oil every night by massaging in to heal any cracked, dry broken skin within a few applications.

MYTH: Salt water ruins your hair

“As long as you have regular trims and wash your hair regularly, spending time at the beach won’t ruin your hair’s condition,” assures Belinda Jeffrey, Nice’n Easy expert colourist. “Salt water is actually a fantastic styling tool, especially for wavy hair, as the salt gives hair texture and creates a nice open curl for a very natural, beachy, tousled look. “

MYTH: Tanner should be applied immediately after moisturizing:

Not true! It’s important for your skin to absorb moisture first. Furthermore, avoid using creams that contain essential oils as this can ‘lift’ the tanning product off the skin. So, choose fragrance free options – or body creams from the same brand of tanner you are using – and wait up to an hour of showering to apply tanner so skin is clean and cooled down.

MYTH: Shaving your legs makes the hair grow back thicker.

False! Shaving only removes hair at the surface of the skin, so it has little effect on the follicle below the surface. The sharp edge caused by shaving the hair creates the rough “stubble” you can feel on your legs or armpits, rather than a thicker strand coming through. 

MYTH: There is one perfect foundation for every woman.

According to Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estee Lauder, there is actually more than one perfect match in foundation, “A woman should own two foundations – a foundation for summer and another for winter. The shades should be one shade lighter and one shade darker than your skin tone in that season. Then you can mix them for autumn.”

MYTH: Keep fingernails sedate, and toenails anything but safe.

“I don’t think there are rules about color pairing on toenails and fingernails,” says Tom Ford of Tom Ford Beauty. “A lot of people think they shouldn’t match, but sometimes they can match perfectly, and look great.”

Myth: Ban hydration if you break out.

“If my clients suffer from breakouts – especially around the chin area – I find they stop applying moisturizer in fear of further breakouts,” says Amy Erbacher, Celebrity Skin Clinician. If you have the correct moisturizer for your current skin condition you can hydrate and balance this area well without exacerbating the problem, she says. “You may actually be experiencing breakouts because your skin may be dehydrated and producing excess sebum that may lead to congestion.”

Myth: You should apply concealer after foundation

It’s better to start with concealer, advises Gucci Westman, Revlon Global Artistic Director. “And then maybe you won’t need so much foundation,” she says. “Less foundation, less powder is the way to go at any age.”

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