10 Reasons You Should Go On An Alcohol Detox

Iron woman Courtney Hancock takes us through the top 10 reasons to muster up the motivation to give up the drink for a whole month..

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Weight loss

It should come as no surprise that an excessive amount of alcohol leads to weight gain. Even the supposedly ‘healthy’ options such as a gin and tonic or vodka soda can still cost you upwards of 100 calories, times that by four and that was your lunch. If you are serious about getting in shape or are striving for your perfect summer body, then giving up the copious amount of calories that alcohol contains is the right way to go!

Improved skin complexion

Alcohol is both dehydrating and ageing for your skin and the effects become even more dramatic with age. Giving up alcohol can have a positive effect on the brightness and tone of your skin, even if it’s just for one month. Switch out the glass of wine with dinner and opt for infused lemon water, your skin will thank you for it!

Healthier liver

Your liver works in overdrive after even just one drink, which can lead to a serious increase in your liver fat percentage. Studies have shown that after a month-long detox a person’s liver fat decreases by 20 percent, while also aiding to repair the damage that may have been caused by alcohol consumption.

Lowers the chance of disease and betters your overall health

Alcohol is a major contributing factor to, and can aid in the development of over 60 different diseases. Aside from that, alcohol consumption poses the greatest risk to your liver health. Giving up your daily wine could very likely reduce your chances of contracting an array of various diseases in the future.

Better livelihood

By giving up alcohol you will see an overall positive increase in the way you live your life. Even moderate drinking can produce a disruption to your brain waves leading to a negative impact on everyday tasks. By taking an alcohol detox, you will notice an increase in the quality of your sleep, your ability to concentrate at work and a boost to your mood. This will leave you feeling more mindful, in control and ready to take on any day!

Money saving

Aside from all the health benefits of detoxing for a month, think about the money you will be saving! The average Australian spends roughly around $118 a month on alcohol*, that’s $118 that could go straight into your savings (or spending) account, instead of to your local bottle shop.

Get fit in time for Summer

Whilst you are basking in the weight loss benefits from cutting those unnecessary liquid calories and feeling more awake and alert, why not take this as your opportunity to pair this detox with a four week fitness program? The alcohol detox will accelerate your training results and get you into shape and bikini body ready in no time!

Feel more alive

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol prevents your body from absorbing the proper nutrients and vitamins that food gives you. Detoxing for a month will help the food you eat actually benefit your body in the ways it should. All the former headaches and body pains you’re used to experiencing will disappear as a result of your body getting properly nourished.

No more hangovers

I’m sure we can all agree that the hangover is one of the many unwanted experiences associated with a night out. Giving up alcohol for 30 days will give you a month-long break from that dreaded feeling where you can’t move more than 2 metres from the couch. A break we probably all need!

Better sex lives

There’s no denying that alcohol and sex have always been connected. But let’s be honest, alcohol and sex don’t always produce the mind blowing experience you’re after! Giving up alcohol will result in an increase in sober sex which will sure to be more enjoyable for you and your partner.


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