It’s Lit: The Best Scented Candles For Your Home

Long seen are the days where scented candles are solely presented as kind offerings of thanks.

Forget room fresheners, diffusers and other dated aromatic offerings; candles are perfect for filling a room with fragrance and creating any desired ambiance in any given space.

New candles are created using luxurious techniques, from uniquely designed hand pouring techniques to long lasting soy-based or fine triple milled wax, the modern candle no longer purely serves as a hostess gift.

A luxe candle can lighten and brighten dark or sunless rooms, evoke memories of happy times, or even mask the aroma of a damp room by filling it with a freshly scented fragrance.

From creating a unified aroma throughout your home, to picking particular candles for each room in your house, we’ve sourced the crème de la crème of luxury candles to help bring your home fragrance wishes to life. 

For The Bedroom:

The intoxicating fragrance of Tuberose with warming Amber and Sandalwood makes Loving the perfect bedroom fragrance. The sweet but sinful blend creates a desirable bedroom ambiance, while the striking red glass makes for a stunning side table addition.

candle1Bella Freud Loving Candle, $58 from Mecca

For A Dinner Party

 This one’s for the ladies. The dazzling, fancy dinner party necessity that will transport your guests to the heart of Hollywood glamour: Beverley Hills. Seize your inner celebrity and dine amongst the aroma of Grapefruit, Cherry and Lemon with Pink Lemonade.

candle2Glasshouse Fragrances, Pink Lemonade, $42.95 from Glasshouse Fragrances

For Anywhere & Everywhere

 The iconic fragrance has garnered its cult-following for a reason. Filling any room with the scent of a bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves, the signature smell is utterly addictive, and the perfect pick if you’re looking to fill an entire home with a single scent. Reminiscent of a rose garden, Baies is everything you could wish for in a candle and so much more.

candle3Diptyque, Baies, $87 from Mecca

For The Living Room

The Limited Edition soy wax candle has been delicately poured into an antique white glass jar, perfectly presented to accompany your living room décor. The tropical fragrance marries sugary notes of pineapple, citrus, papaya and watermelon with a musky base to sweeten your living space discretely.

candle4Ecoya, Sweet Papaya & Melon, $39 from Ecoya

For The Kitchen

A kitchen fragrance must tackle the mighty task of complimenting any kitchen happenings, savory, sweet, or sans scent. Jo Malone have curated to perfection an earthy, leafy and full of sunshine fragrance that will brighten and liven your kitchen space, leaving behind a crisp, tangy and evocative scent.

candle5Jo Malone, Green Tomato Leaf from Jo Malone

For The Guest Room

Designed to stimulate your senses with a 1980’s summer breeze while you tumble into freshly pressed, crisp sheets, this fragrance is the perfect home away from home addition to your guest room. The warm yet neutral fragrance leaves your guests feeling welcome and at ease in your home.

candle6Circa Home, 1980 Fresh Linen, $29.95 from Circa Home

For A Sophisticated Entrance

 This sexy, multi-layered candle features scents of Sichuan Pepper, Grapefruit and Tangerine that compliment its base of Musk, Vanilla and Guaiac Wood. The name of the candle says it all, leave the bullshit at the door and surround your home with this sophisticated and welcoming touch.


candle7IUVO, Bullshit candle, $100 from Mecca Trove

For Bathroom Bliss

If it’s not for the gorgeous golden packaging alone, this highly refined, soy wax and addictive aroma is lifted with notes of lime, basil and mandarin – the perfect addition to your nightly bath time ritual.

candle8Green Citrus Glow On Gold Candle, $42 from Mecca Cosmetica

For Travel 

There’s nothing quite like taking a little piece of home with you during moments abroad. Shape the mood of your trip with scent wherever you journey with Red Roses; the perfect suitcase addition that ensure you feel at home, no matter the distance.

candle9Jo Malone, Red Roses Travel Candle, $60 from Jo Malone

For The Sun Room or Study

This limited edition candle from Aussie brand Palm Beach, brings summer holidays indoors

combines Jasmine and Lime, leaving your room with a peachy yet classic scent. Perfect for brightening a study or uplifting a sunroom, the citrusy aroma takes you to a far away place filled with sun and sand, all from your home.

candle10Palm Beach, The boathouse, $42.94 from Palm Beach Collection

Feature image via pinterest

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