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Biggest Loser Australia 2014 Auditions Preview

In just over a week The Biggest Loser Australia 2014 will kick off, and now we have a sneak preview of what to expect and all we can say is stock up on the Kleenex!


For the first time ever the trainers were involved in the audition process and, as a result, we get to see the soft side of the usually tough-as-bolts trainers Shannan Ponton and Commando.

Ponton said that being involved in the process was heartbreaking; “To hear grown men crying, saying ‘this is my last chance’, young girls saying ‘I was abused as a child’… for us to be a part of it was heartbreaking.”

In another series-first and a world-first for the franchise, this season (the ninth for Australia) will tackle obesity across an entire community — one that has been identified as one of Australia’s most overweight. The town in question is Ararat in southwest Victoria where we will see people from all walks of life in the battle against the bulge.

The auditions preview shows three hopefuls in the competition, all of whom share tear-jerking stories of their desperation to lose weight. The first, Caitlin, 17, reveals her story of dropping out of high school before year 10 after getting tired of the endless psychological abuse from her peers. She said, “I used to get called a heifer, a pig, whale, fat, slob. I don’t talk to anybody about my weight because it’s embarrassing, I’m ashamed of it.”

Below, 45-year-old Katrina says, “I have to do something because I’m missing out on being a wife that he [her husband] can be proud of.” The clip also gives us a chance to see some of the challenges the contestants will undergo and, as always, they look incredibly tough!

Over on news.com.au some exclusive interviews reveal another two contestants — 38-year-old nurse Natalie who shares her story of a battle with cancer that led to serious weight gain and Supermarket manager Cameron who says he was encouraged by his employees to audition for the show.

Natalie shares “After the treatment for that [cancer], I noticed that the weight started to pile on, cause I was very tired and had these three little kids to look after. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do anything for me.”

Cameron said, “I didn’t think that I had a problem, to be honest with you. I probably just glassed over the issue that I’ve got. And in moving forward, probably the hardest thing I’m finding now is s*** I’ve got a real problem, I’ve got an issue that I really need help with.”

This new series of The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia is set to kick off on Sunday, January 19 at 6.30pm on Channel 10. Watch the preview below and tell us, are you excited for the new series?

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