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Sally Matterson

Fitness Expert

Looking to get into your new season bikini but not quite feeling up to scratch? If you’re disappointed that, once again, you have left it to the last minute don’t fret, help is on the way…

I have 3 great tips to give those trouble areas an overhaul and get bikini ready fast and effectively.

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Tidy up your nutrition

Without this aspect of your training program it’s like you’re running up a gigantic hill that never ends; in other words you can’t outrun a poor diet. If you’re busting your butt in the gym and your waistline is going nowhere then this is what you will need to address first and foremost. The two major changes I would do effective immediately are:

A. Change from a cereal, (yes this includes oats) fruit and toast breaky to 200gm raw weight lean protein. My preference for staying lean is red meat like steak however not everyone is into a good old fashion truckie breaky so alternatively three whole eggs will get you a decent AM protein hit. Mix it with some good fats like avocado or nuts. This alone will improve body fat as well as increase attention during the day.

Remember this; the Greek meaning for protein is “of most importance” and further studies have shown a diet rich in lean quality animal meat including seafood and poultry have kept body fat low and overall energy and hormonal levels stable. For females I recommend a minimum of 500gms raw weight daily.

B. Watch your sugar intake (including fructose) and have a variety of plant based veggies in the diet. Ideally wheat/gluten free eating will help your overall fat loss. Find alternatives like quinoa or sweet potato as they are low in Glycemic Index which means the insulin response is low. Studies show when we produce too much insulin in the body from excess sugar consumption we can build up a resistance to sugar. Put simply sugar or glycogen will convert straight to fat around the mid-section and torso rather than be used by the body for energy, which is what it is supposed to do, but unfortunately many abuse it.

Become a better fat burner by training anaerobically

The body has two energy systems; one is used predominately for long distance or endurance (aerobic) and the other for shorter more intense activity (anaerobic). Research has shown that when we train in the shorter more intense energy system the more anabolic our body becomes. What this means is that the body starts to produces more of the hormones responsible for increasing lean muscle and burning fat. It’s the good testosterone or DHEA that a lot of females and male’s lack and if we have low DHEA can, for females, store fat on the back of the arms and males fat on the pectorals or chest.

Adding resistance training where the body is fatiguing in 8-10 repetitions (so a decent weight ladies) or sprint training over short distances of 100m are both great examples of training for anabolic response.

Use supplementation to help speed up burning stubborn body fat

‘Oh but I eat healthy why do I need supplements?” Contrary to popular belief supplementation can be the most effective way of getting rid of stubborn fat. Of course it has to be combined with nutrition and quality resistance training but unfortunately due to poor food quality from the excessive use of pesticides along with the high toxic load in the environment we are subject to nasty xenoestrogens that contribute to fat storage of those stubborn fatty areas. Now the best way to combat this is to use supplementations that combat against excess foreign oestrogen in the body.

These are called oestrogen clearance or oestrogen detoxification supplements. If the body is not excreting toxins we need to get the GI tract right first before we do anything else.

I suggest taking high doses of probiotic along with adding to your good digestive acid with a HCL supplement to help breakdown and excrete toxicity through the GI tract. Once this is addressed we can introduce a grainless fibre such as a flaxhull lignan. These lignans act to combat foreign oestrogen’s in the body by latching on to estrogen receptors before the nasty ones get there and cause havoc like cellulite and depression. Get this; if our oestrogen levels are healthy we should have absolutely no PMS symptoms or hardly notice their existence, now that’s some motivation to get your body back to hormonal health.

In short these supplements will help you become better at processing and excreting toxins resulting in a flatter stomach leaner legs and arms with the added bonus of feeling better. Always choose pharmaceutical grade supplementation for better results.


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