New Body Boosting Treatments That Work

Spring cleansing isn’t just about giving the house a total makeover or ridding your closet of old clothes, it’s equally about taking the opportunity to give your body a total overhaul.

With so many new body treatments and fitness fads scattered far and wide, we sought out to discover the ultimate body boosting treatments that really work.

Read below for our tried and true, ultimate spring body-boosting guide, so you can feel good, look good and walk into summer feeling like the best version of you yet.

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Blast Your Fitness

The new workout trend that has taken Australia by storm is now going global – that’s how insanely good it is. And we mean really good.

The workouts are scary-hard, but in the best of ways. F45 is the most effective training (trialed and true by the experts) that will cut your body into your best ever shape.

With 10 different workouts that change every day, the sessions take only 45 minutes but have your endorphins swimming for hours thereafter.

Expert Advice: “For a long time women have been under the impression that guys do the weights and girls use the cardio machines. Now that we are entering a new era in training, females are leading the way when it comes to changing the old school mentality that has stuck with us for so long.” Says F45 Training’s Athletics Director, Daniel Conn

Putting your strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance under the brightest of spotlights, F45 is the ultimate hot summer bod solution. Trust us, we’ve tested it and we’re completely converted. All hail, F45!

f45To learn more, click here

Total Body Detox

Bid farewell to the days of traditional saunas that use convection and conduction; infrared saunas use infrared heating panels that emit light, helping your body to experience a totally detox.

What’s the secret? You can’t see the light, but radiated heat is being penetrated deep into your tissues, muscles and cells, giving your entire body a weight loss, detoxing, anti-ageing boost!

Expert Advice: “Traditional saunas have been around for hundreds of years, if not longer. However, they just heat the air around you through convectional heat, whereas infrared saunas actually heat you from the inside. Traditional saunas are usually hard to breath in, can feel uncomfortable and you can easily overheat. Infrared heat is a lot gentler and bearable experience.” Says Suzanne Tuttle, Founder of Nimbus & Co.

We trailed the tranquil infrared sauna and wellness studio, Nimbus & Co, located in the heart of Bondi Beach and our high expectations were matched by the luxurious unwinding experience.

Sync up your iPhone and revel in your own sanctuary while all the nasty toxins are rid from your body.

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Rejuvenate Your Skin

Your back and décolletage have been tucked away in sweaters and winter attire for months, and ‘dry’ is probably an understatement for how your skin looks and feels. Backs of arms and the back area can also be areas for congestion, break out and scarring.

What your skin deserves is the ultimate rejuvenating peel with no down time. Enter: the B Peel.

The peel is a total reviver; reducing wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation and even cellulite, it’s the perfect treatment to prep your skin for full-time exposure.

Through a thorough method of exfoliation using 16 herbal ingredients, dead skin cells are stripped from unreachable and long unexposed skin areas, revealing new, hydrated and healthy skin that’s ready to take on the warmer months.

Expert Advice: “If you want healthy skin, you need 10-20% water on the epidermis. Without this hydration, the natural process of cell regeneration doesn’t happen. The B Peel can kick start this process to remove build up and flakiness. It’s essential that you follow this up by using an oil based moisturiser (not water) on your body as you would your face, because oil based products penetrate the skin and boost skin’s hydration levels, which in turn means your skin will be balanced and function correctly. “Omniderm skincare expert Sue Dann

We saw (and felt) results after just one treatment, however a course of six treatments over a period of six weeks is recommended for long-term results.

To book your body beautifying appointment and to learn more, visit Face Plus


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Cleanse The Right Way

It’s the perfect time to jump on board the cleanse bandwagon; you’ve still got time to detox, rejuvenate and slim down for bikini season.

Ovvio Organics are offering a 21-Day Summer Cleanse to get you mentally and physically where you want to be.

Enjoy delicious whole-food recipes, herbal teas and embrace some new healthy living and eating principles with ease.

Why 21-days? According to Ovvio Founder, Anthia Koullouros, it takes 21 days of healthy eating and implementing healthy lifestyle measures to create at least one healthy habit.

Expert Advice: “The program isn’t designed to make you count calories or start fad dieting, it’s simple, real and designed to provide you with recipes and healthy eating tips to help you cleanse and take care of your mind and body.”


Enter to win a 21-Day Cleanse program on RESCU

Brush Your Skin Beautiful

Practiced by models and body conscious celebrities, body brushing is a trend that has continued to dominate the beauty scene, season after season, as one of the best beauty tools for smooth, silky skin.

In the shower or in the bath, the process of body brushing is simple yet highly effective. It’s a spring cleanse essential and can be done 2-3 times a week

Expert Advice: “Get a great handled body brush and from your toes upward to your heart, create continuous long strokes in a sweeping motion. This boosts circulation to the skin and also removes toxins. It’s also great for slimming the silhouette” says Beauty Expert, Emma-Charlotte Bangay.

To best optimise the results of body brushing, apply hydrators or oils directly after, as the skin is more receptive to soaking up their goodness after a really good body brush.



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