4 Body Toning Exercises To Achieve Fast Results

Have you been looking for the ultimate routine that can give you results in the shortest amount of time?

Former ballet dancer and Barre Attack founder Renee Scott has shared her favourite low impact Barre exercises that will help tone your body fast. Doing these 4 exercises together will help strengthen your body, tone and get your heart rate up to help with the fat burn as well.

Repeat each move 10 to 15 times.

1. The thigh gap squeeze

Are your thighs brushing together when you walk? Get started on this inner thigh move that brings you closer to elusive thigh gap.


Start position: Stand upright with legs hip width apart and parallel, with your Barre ball high up between your inner thighs. (No ball? Pop a small pillow between your thighs).

Movement pattern: Stick your bottom and pelvis out, like you’re going to sit on a small stool. Reach your arms forward to balance the movement and return to upright. Ensure knees are tracking over your toes and your back is lengthened.

Ramp it up: Stay sitting back in a squat, scoop through the lower tummy and start to squeeze the ball then release.

2. Hover to pyramid

 Feeling bloated and uncomfortable from head to toe? This ab and lengthening exercise will flatten your tummy and stretch out those post-party pains.


 Start position: Kneeling on the floor with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Hover the knees just off the floor.

Movement pattern: Engaging through the core, gently lower the knees back to the floor. Try and hold the knee lift longer each time.

Ramp it up: From your hover, lift your bottom up and press the heels to the floor. Look towards your feet. Return to the hover then back up to a pyramid.

3. Frogs to over-head reach

 Cardio doesn’t need to be limited to the dance floor! This leg workout will get you sweating and tone up your pins.


 Start position: Place your feet hip width apart with feet turned out and arms reaching down to the floor between legs.

Movement pattern: Bend the knees, sticking the bottom out to reach the floor, looking forward as you lower down. Stretch back up to a standing position. Make sure your feet are out wide enough so the workload goes into the inner thighs, glutes and quads rather than putting pressure on the knees.

Ramp it up: Reach to the floor and only come up halfway to standing and reach back down to the floor for frog pulses. Try not to round the spine so the workload is in the legs.

4. Arabesque Toe Taps

Want a beautiful booty? This single leg endurance exercise brings balance to your body, lifts your butt and sculpts the legs.


Start position: Standing on one leg, lean the upper body forward to 45 degrees and reach the back leg behind the body and in line with the hip. Back leg should be slightly turned out.

Movement pattern: Reach the arms forward and lengthen the back leg, lifting it up to a long arabesque and tap the toes back to the floor at the back. Keep your standing leg parallel and your lifting leg turned out – but try and keep hips stable.

Ramp it up: Lift up and down in arabesque, but don’t let your toe touch the ground for extra glute work.

 5. Kneeling Glute Butt Blast

The “peachy bum” is on trend and this exercise helps you get there. Using pelvic and core stability with glute work, for the ultimate butt lift.


Start position: Hop down into a four point kneeling position, with hands directly under shoulders and knees under hips.

Movement pattern: Lift your back thigh up, with the thigh in line with your hip. Then return to your four point kneeling.

Ramp it up: Add an arm extension up the front of your body.


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