Boxing: The Ultimate Full Body Workout

Boxing has increasingly become one of the most popular fitness classes in the industry and people are loving it for the calorie-burning, high intensity, cardio and muscle sculpting moves. This killer workout packs a punch in more ways than one and targets almost every muscle in your body! Whether your goal is weight loss, shape, definition or stamina, boxing does all that in just one workout. Ben Lucas, owner of Sydney’s leading fitness and yoga studio Flow Athletic, shares his tips on why boxing is an all encompassing workout.

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Blitz Calories Fast

This high-intensity workout is fun and sure to get your heart pumping and endorphins rushing. If you are looking to burn calories fast or become lean, strong and toned before summer, then this exactly for you. Not only that, it improves your fitness in so many different ways including strength, reflexes, coordination, stamina, endurance, coordination and balance. This means that your entire body and mind need work together. The high-intensity training helps burn those stubborn fats and shed those extra kilos.

Killer Core

A strong core is essential for boxing and is how you throw powerful strikes to the boxing bag and this helps to stabilise and keep your body grounded. Basically, your core is the central source of power and will determine the force of your punch. Taking this class regularly will tone and firm your abs and help build a flat and defined stomach.

Toned arms

The repetitive nature of punching a bag tones and shapes your arms without the added bulk. After just a few punches you really feel it working in your triceps, biceps, back and shoulders. This workout is great for anyone who wants to get get rid of excess arm weight to reveal leaner arms.

Mental Workout

Boxing not only challenges your body physically but mental toughness and requires complete focus. You are constantly testing your hand-eye coordination with various punching drills and feet work that is always on the go. Boxing helps develop your focus in other aspects of your life and builds on resilience. We all know that life can throw all sorts of things at you and its all about how you deal with the situation that defines the outcome.

Throw Away Stress

Whatever has you feeling stressed or anxious, this is a healthy way to release all that tension. When you feel stressed you often hold it up tightly in your muscles and boxing allows you to lengthen and release. The great thing about this workout is that it requires dedication and complete focus so it lets you forget about anything that is worrying you. There are so many studies showing that exercise releases feel good endorphins and makes you feel happier too. When you are doing something that you enjoy and find challenging it’s always more fulfilling when you finish it.

Constant Learning

Every time you enter a boxing class you can get excited about learning something new and challenging your body. You are always on your toes learning new skills/drills and this keeps you distracted to the fact that you are actually working hard! This class is for everyone from beginner to advanced and will greatly benefit your overall fitness. Boxing keeps you motivated, allows you to achieve your fitness goals and lets you sustain a healthy active lifestyle.


About Ben Lucas

Ben was a professional NRL player for the Cronulla Sharks prior to getting into the fitness industry. After finishing his stint with the NRL, he fell into Ultra Endurance running and of course personal training, owning 3 x successful PT studios before selling them off to make room for Flow Athletic.


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