How to Bring Vitality Into Your Life with Dr. John DeMartini

If you’ve ever felt that you’re capable of more, but unsure of how to unlock it, you’re not alone. Each year, Dr. John DeMartini, human behaviour specialist and author of The Values Factor, presents his studies to thousands of people worldwide asking the same question: How can I bring vitality back into my life?

DeMartini says ‘Anytime an individual subordinates to requests or values of authoritative others, and these requests are incongruent with their own highest priorities, they will end up scattering their energies and initiate the cortisol stress response, lower their resiliency and frustrate their lives.’

Watch the RESCU exclusive to learn Dr. Martini’s techniques to revitalise your life and discover what matters.

RESCU: I’m delighted to introduce you to Dr. John Demartini, one of my favourite authors and the author of the new book, ‘The Values Factor’. Today we’re speaking to you about how to bring more vitality and inspiration into your life. It’s always a good time of year to talk about that.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Well I think that many people are not allowing themselves to live a magnificent life and an inspired life because they have not learned some of the keys. And once they do, their lives change. So I love sharing that.

RESCU: You were part of the phenomenal success of ‘The Secret’ and I guess that was an underlying theme in being a master of your own destiny and choosing to have a magnificent life. Tell us more about how we can extract magnificence and inspiration out of what, you know, what our readers might think is an ordinary life or a life that’s not that exciting.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Well, as I mentioned in ‘The Values Factor’, every human being lives by a set of priorities, a set of values, things that are the most important to the least important in life. Whenever they’re doing actions that are congruent and aligned with their highest values, they tend to wake up their vitality, become more extraverted, become more confident, wake up more leadership because their highest values are spontaneously inspired from within to act. But as you go down the values, they need more and more persuasion and motivation, and to get them to do, they procrastinate, they hesitate, they frustrate. So, anytime we can identify by our values which I outline in the book –

RESCU: And there are thirteen steps?
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: There’s thirteen steps.

RESCU: It’s like an audit.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Like an audit.

RESCU: Like a self-audit.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Because most people think well, integrity, truth and all these things and it’s just social idealism. You look at what your life demonstrates ‘cause that’s really what’s valuable to you – what your life demonstrates. So once you identify what’s really highest on your value, the wisest thing to do is to prioritise your day, ‘cause if you don’t fill up your day with the highest priority actions, then it will fill up with low priority actions.

RESCU: Yeah.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: If you don’t fill your mind which is like a garden with flowers, it will fill up with weeds. So you have to focus on the things that are really important to you and start acting daily towards those things.

RESCU: And that will inspire you?
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: And give you permission to do something extraordinary and prioritise and let go of lower things and even if you have to delegate to other people or just let go of it. Don’t fill your day with it ‘cause other people are going to impose their ideas on you and fill your day if you don’t act. You want to ask this simple question… no matter what happens in my life, no matter what it is, how is it helping me fulfil what is the most important. ‘Cause it’s never what happens, it’s what’s your perception and if you’re masterful of changing your perception in a way that everything that’s going on in your life is helping you then vitality starts to soar, you realise that nothing’s in the way and that everything’s on the way. And, you become a master of your destiny, not a victim of your history.

RESCU: So I’m going to talk to you about a typical situation, because not everyone’s lucky enough to work for themselves or find themselves in this situation, even if you are working with yourself at the mercy of a client… what advice do you have if you find yourself in this situation that you’re not necessarily in charge of. How can you gain freedom and clarity in being bogged down in this situation?
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Well, let’s say you’re working for a company. If you look at what you’re doing in the company that is more and above and more contributory and more helpful to the company and you concentrate on the things which are more important, you have the highest probability of getting promotions, raises, ideas and that gives you empowerment again. So it’s always… no matter what, if we can identify the highest priority actions in our life, we can raise our self-worth. And if we do lower priority distractions, we lower our self-worth. So even if you’re working for somebody else, even if you don’t think you have somebody you can delegate to, if you do things by priority, you increase the probability of getting more opportunities, more promotions and somebody to delegate to – so it’s a wise thing to do. Even at home as a mother raising a family, it’s wise to prioritise what you do and do the high priority things ‘cause everyday you do that, your self-worth goes up, your energy levels goes up, ‘cause even if you don’t get those lowest priority things done, you’re getting the most important things done.

RESCU: Right.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Prioritising your life and doing the ABCs and not the XYZs –

DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: – is the secret to a more vital and inspired life and not one that’s a quiet life of desperation.

RESCU: I read something on your Facebook page… which by the way I encourage you to check out and like because I love how in such few words, you manage to inspire and educate every single day.  It’s really a fantastic Facebook page so congratulations; it’s actually useful. But I loved a post that you did quite recently as a piece of advice to students that are really struggling with what they’re learning, to go back and think about what this particularly thing is going to… how it’s helping them achieve their end goal and that’s really going to turn you onto that particular thing rather than away.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Any class you’re taking as a student that you can’t see as fulfilling or most meaningful to, you will be disengaged.

RESCU: And most of the things we take in class are…
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: … it’s never the class. See the thing that I explain in ‘The Values Factor’ is that it’s not the class. It’s your perception of the class. And once you can ask the question, how is this class going to help me fulfil what’s the highest on my values and keep asking that, asking that, asking that and not stopping till you’ve made the links…

RESCU: Yeah.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: … once the links are there, you’re engaged and then it makes it easier. And you actually have less energy spent in order to get all the information you want and you excel in the school and you start to wake up the genius and you start having more vitality ‘cause you have more time on your hands.

RESCU: So we can take any mundane situation and really, if we bring our attention to what’s magnificent and what’s inspirational and what’s useful about that situation, we’re going to be able to connect the dots and get that click.
DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Yes. William James, the Father of Modern Psychology, said it’s the greatest discovery of his generation that you can change your life by changing your attitude and perception. In ‘The Values Factor’, I show people how to ask a new set of questions ‘cause the quality of your life is based on the quality of the set of questions you’re asking. If you’re asking amazing questions, you’re headed for an amazing life.

RESCU: Well, we concur and we absolutely love this book and we recommend ‘The Values Factor’ by Dr. John Demartini. We look forward to having you again on the Rescu TV and thank you so much.

Dr. Demartini’s Fast Five

1. Allow Yourself to Change: Harness your inner values and let them inspire a change from within
2. Identify Your Highest Values: Whenever we’re performing actions that are congruent and aligned with our highest values, it awakens  inner vitality, confidence and leadership
3. Fill Your Mind With Value: If you don’t fill your mind which is like a garden with flowers, it will fill up with weeds
4. Give Yourself Permission to Do Something Extraordinary: Say ‘no matter what happens in my life, no matter what it is, how is it helping me fulfil what is the most important’
5. Change Your Life, Change Your Perception: Ask a new set of questions – the quality of your life is based on the quality of the set of questions you’re asking

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