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Dr. Joseph Hkeik

Cosmetic physician

You’ve heard of botox, but have you considered brotox? The number of men opting for cosmetic enhancement has increased dramatically over the last ten years. After all, life is too short to dance with ugly men!

Love the bronzed surfer with long blonde hair look? These outdoorsy blokes could be suffering from sun damage, rough skin texture (and we don’t mean stubble) and dehydration.

Skin education is imperative for guys who spend most of their days in the sun – they need to be using a sunscreen with zinc.

In clinic treatments, such as Hydrafacials, are ideal as they are intended to improve skin health. Plus, it will give fresher skin without much downtime.

Prep the skin for treatment by introducing a lactic acid cleanser, night cream and boosting anti-oxidants in your diet.

Need to fix your redness in the time it takes to grab a burger?

Roasea is more common in woman but it tends to be worse in men. This redness occurs due to instability in the blood flow to sweat glands and skin, however its causes are unknown.

To treat this condition, a man can undergo laser genesis. This treatment has no downtime necessary and will firm the skin. At home, use ultimate red action complex from Ultraceutical MD and avoid applying products containing strong vitamin A and glycolic acid to the red areas.

Retire the razor, but only if never want to shave again.

IPL can cut shaving time for men that may have a hairy back or upper arms; these body parts typically get hairier over time. Be careful not to use this treatment if you would like to grow a beard in the future. If this is the case, it might be best to discuss alternate solutions with your physicians for grooming facial hair that may be growing out of control.


‘Brotox’ or botox for men can be injected into regions of the face where men have expression lines and more developed facial muscles. How do you make this shot without everyone noticing?

Choose an experienced injector. Too much botox in your crows feet can enhance the rest of feminizing the face! Instead opt to treat forehead surprise lines and frown lines.

Filler Up!

The contour of a man’s face men is chiseled, however men also lose the contour of their face as result of chronological aging. Dermal filler can rejuvenate the face when used in the mid face, below the cheeks, the chin and to square the jaws.

We also use filler to treat bony foreheads and in the temples and a subtle lip rejuvenation for the ageing lips.

Reduce Dark Circles

The signs of ageing first appear in a man’s eyes. Gazing into his baby blues, an astute observer might notice dark circles and a sinking appearance. This is the effect of late nights, poor sleep, stress, and aging – the typically associated symptoms of lacking sleep of being sick. These can be reduced with these simple steps:

  1. Protect your eyes with sunglasses and sunscreen daily
  2. Hydrate and brighten the skin with a good quality eye cream
  3. Treat cosmetically with injectable filler in the trough under the eyes.

Injectable filler is both a simple and safe procedure. Using advanced cosmeceutical techniques, filler is laced under the surface of the skin beneath the eye socket. This smoothens the transition between the eyes and cheeks.

The treatment is minimally invasive, only taking 15 minutes and can be endured with the application of a numbing cream. There is a risk of redness, slight swelling and occasional bruising. Most symptoms settle within 48 hours but the benefits of a fresher, rested, younger look will last between 9 and 12 months.

When it comes to treating the eye area cosmeutically, less is more. We never attempt to correct a deep hollowing in one session. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated every three months to improve results.

Get to know your skin

Treating men is very different to treating women. There are significant differences between both the facial structure of men and women and also the make up of their skin.

In general, men’s skin is oilier due to the high level of testosterone. This can lead to congestion and acne. It also contains a high level collagen, giving aging skin thickness. However, daily shaving can render the skin sensitive and as men are less likely to adequately care for their sin, it can be more prone to skin cancer.

Consulting a specialist physician can remove the uncertainty when it comes to properly caring for male skin. The physician will not only prescribe skincare treatment, they may also diagnose early signs of skin cancer and offer less invasive treatments if the carcinoma is caught early.

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