Celebrity Hairdresser Joh Bailey Reveals The Secrets Of The Cool Crop

It would appear that many of our favourite celebs have been getting the chop lately – hairstyles, that is. With Michelle Williams (pictured), Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett losing their locks with striking results, we thought it was time to call in RESCU’s resident hair expert Joh Bailey, to let us know how to make the cut when going the crop.

RESCU: What advice would you give those thinking about making the cut?
Joh Bailey: Short hair is all about confidence. You’ve got to wear it well. If you’re going to make a bold statement like cutting it all off, you need to be prepared to be looked at. If you want to make a fabulous statement, commit to it. Don’t do it in stages, it’s all or nothing. 

RESCU: Who does is suit?

Joh Bailey: Short crops look the best on young, fresh faces. From a style perspective, they are best suited for those with hair that is thin to medium thickness, and with heart shaped or oval shaped faces. This is not a look for thick, curly hair.

RESCU: How do you keep it looking great?

Joh Bailey: The best thing about short hair is that it is easy to style and easy to look after, but you do need to cut it regularly. A trim every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your hair growth, is a must, and you need to have a really good cut to begin with. It’s quick to wash and blow-dry, and you can leave the house each morning looking great with minimal fuss. 

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RESCU Recommends:

To help you keep your short hairstyle looking super sleek, we asked Laura Janus from L’Oréal to suggest 2 products that are great for short hair styling: Her top picks were:

1. Redken Structure Wax 17

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2. Matrix Design Pulse Messy Couture

This is designed for short, choppy, fringed cuts, or to exaggerate the ends of long layers. It is a firm yet smooth paste that melts in the hands to spread easily onto your hair. RRP $19.95, 50ml. Find out more at www.matrixaustralia.com

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