Cellulite action plan: RESCU unveils breakthrough products to blast away cellulite this summer

If you are following Kris Abbey’s summer body blitz plans and Zoe Bingley-Pullin’s diet tips for getting you bikini ready, you might want to up the ante with two fantastic anti-cellulite innovations that work to reduce the appearance of the most hated form of body fat.

1. Guinot, the French beauty brand with a reputation for their exceptional firming and toning body products, has one of the best firming body treatments we’ve found.

Age Logic Minceur is recommended in conjunction with an active lifestyle, 8 glasses of water and a healthy diet to move the appearance of cellulite. The product uses a unique extraction method that allows the active ingredients to penetrate and ‘dislodge’ fatty deposits.

First the gel helps to break down the membrane surrounding the fat cell; then the active ingredients work to dissolve the cellulite and minimise the build up for fatty deposits and finally, the draining action eliminates toxins and fats from the body.

For stubborn cellulite, try this gel with Technispa, Guinot’s cellulite machine treatment. ($101.33)

For Guinot stockist contact 1300 300 954 or visit www.guinot.com.au

2. For the truly dedicated, we love Scala Bio Promise, an anti-cellulite, seamless slimming shape-wear brand with built-in anti-cellulite technology. Already a cult item in the US and UK, we’re guessing that Aussie girls are going to embrace this multi-tasking product.

Each garment has built in Active Bio-Crystals within the actual fabric that upon contact with the skin, absorb body heat and Far Infrared Rays. The FIR energy helps improve blood flow, oxygen supply to the skin and lymphatic drainage of toxins.

According to the instructions, the trick is to wear the garment for at least 6 hours a day, every day for 30 days for maximum benefit and most visible results. The garment can be washed daily without wearing out any of the active ingredients or diminishing the claimed results. The Bio Active Crystals are actually incorporated into the fabric yarn.

There are a number of different shape-wear garments to choose from, but we were pretty impressed with the silhouette trimming High Waisted Knee Length Slimming Panty, which slims the tummy, hips, bottom and thighs under the most clingy outfits $64.95 available in nude and black.

Every time we’ve worn this little lady, we’ve had compliments on how trim and fit we are looking! We are also discreetly taking the 30 day challenge (wearing the shapers for 6 hours during the day), but changing into sexy knickers after 5pm!

Check out the complete range (available in sizes small to extra large) at www.scalabiopromise.com.au

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