The Ultimate Aussie Christmas Pavlova Recipe

With Christmas the perfect time for making a pavlova, desert queen and former Masterchef contestant Julia Taylor shares with RESCU her favourite Cherry on Top Christmas Pavlova recipe.

There’s nothing I love more in Summer than a pavlova, with mounds of pillowy cream, fresh fruit and the textural contrast between crisp meringue and chewy centre. It’s one of those childhood dishes that continues to delight through my life, and I think almost everyone can relate to the charm of a good pav. The trick with cooking any meringue is not to have the oven temperature up too high, and to let it cool slowly in the oven with the door open a crack. This stops cold air from rushing in and wreaking havoc; but of course, remember this – any cracked meringue can be rescued; simply crush it (intentionally!) and layer in wide glasses or bowls with the cream and fruit. Eton mess was no accident…


Cherry and Raspberry Pavlova

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour plus cooling
Serves: 10

200g egg whites
400g caster sugar
1 tsp cornflour
1 tsp white vinegar
300ml pure cream
2 tbs caster sugar
300g fresh cherries
200g frozen raspberries
50g caster sugar

Pre-heat oven to 160C and line a tray with baking paper. To make the pavlova, whip the egg whites in a free-standing mixer on medium-high speed until soft peaks begin to form, about 4-5 minutes. Add the sugar 1/3 at a time, continuing to whip in between each addition. Once all sugar is added and the meringue is firm and glossy, gently fold in the cornflour and vinegar, and then spoon onto the prepared baking tray. Bake the pavlova for 50-60 minutes, and leave to cool for 1 hour with the oven door slightly ajar. Carefully transfer to a cake stand.


To finish the pavlova, place raspberries and sugar in a small pot and heat gently, stirring until the raspberries break apart and form a sauce. Set aside to cool. In Whip the cream and sugar in a free-standing mixer, on high speed, until firm peaks form. Gently spread cream on the top of the pavlova, and top with cherries and raspberry sauce. Serve immediately.


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