Click your way to a new wardrobe

By Carla Luthwood

Want to revamp your wardrobe? Shopping on eBay is becoming ever more sophisticated, and allows you to update your look without outlaying a lot of cash – you may even make some. 

Setting up an eBay account allows you to sell last season’s fashions to pay for this season’s must-haves. Items like Yamamoto boots worth $1000 new can sell for around $180 on eBay. But be warned, when you see price tags far lower than what the item is actually worth at retail, it could be a knock-off or damaged. Take your time to investigate the item and the seller by checking on their individual rating. And always ask lots of questions.

Selling your old clothes is easy once you have opened an account. Take photos of each of the garments and list them with as much information as possible, then wait for the bids to start rolling in. Remember, something you think is hideous and old could be the perfect ‘new’ outfit for someone else, so don’t be afraid to put anything on there!

Six quick steps to setting up an eBay account:

1.     Go to the eBay Australia homepage:

2.     Click on ‘Register’

3.     Enter your contact information in the ‘Tell us about you box.’ Make sure to enter a current email address so you can retrieve lost passwords.

4.     Choose your user ID and password. Select a username that is appropriate; it is what your other eBayers will know you as.

5.     Agree to User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Once you click ‘Register’, eBay will automatically send a confirmation email.

6.     Open email and click on ‘Activate Now.’ This will activate your account and open your new account in a new window.

Make sure you check the seller’s fees and PayPal commissions before you price an item, you need to include the fee in the cost of the item so that you don’t fall short once someone buys it and end up owing eBay money!


Sellers often misspell items, so use as few words as possible when you search for an item. If you do find a misspelt item, chances are you’ll win it, as it will be hard for others to find!

Fashion-buying danger zones:

Size classifications vary (considerably): not just between brands, but also internationally. The best thing you can do is compare measurements with something similar that you already have.

Pictures beware:

A photo can lead to a false sense of security about the condition of an item. If you are not sure about the colour of a garment, ask the seller to describe the colour. Remember, images won’t always look the same on different monitors.

Condition is subjective:

If you don’t want to buy a garment that is worn and may possibly have stains, ask the seller about these details if they have not specified them. And always check the photos carefully to spot any visible marks. If you can see them on the photo, they are usually worse in real life.

Identify fakes:

You can do this by doing an eBay search for that brand. Check your seller’s feedback, if they have sold items like this before there should be comments from other buyers about the authenticity and if they were satisfied. You can also ask the seller where they got the item from in the first place. 

Check the fine print: Make sure you are happy with the postage costs, etc. If postage isn’t listed, check with the seller before you bid to avoid being hit with huge postage and handling fees. You can check out the rules on postage charges on eBay before you buy.

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