Trial Team Puts Clinique’s 2-in-1 Beyond Perfecting Foundation To The Test

Flawless but natural, long wearing but light, perfectly matched and always flattering. These are the hallmarks of the perfect foundation.

Like 85% of Australian women, the search for the perfect foundation is one of life’s beauty holy grails so the opportunity to road test the updated 2 in 1 foundation from Clinique had our attention.

Clinique’s 2-in-1 Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer is a multi-tasking beauty pro. Our trial team found that it not only offers all of the above but also eliminates an extra product altogether, helping us save time and money, while giving awesome results.


We asked women with different skin tones and coverage concerns to put this to the test. The results were honest and impressive.

100% agreed the foundation actually lasted all day, like it promised.

100% agreed the 2-in-1 concealer and foundation is a convenient product that saved time and the hassle of guessing what concealer is right for them.

“I was impressed with the large selection of shades. I found the colour adjusted and blended with my skin as the day progressed. The ease of the 2-in-1 was definitely a plus.” – Catherine, a natural blonde with freckles.

“The formula is a full-coverage effect without being heavy or cakey, so once set I found it to have a luminous, brightening effect all over.” – Emma, a red head who had found it hard to find the right tone for her skin until now.

“I really liked the coverage this offered, it also helped cover any uneven skin tones and hide redness in my skin well.” – Cassandra, of Chinese background who doesn’t usually like to wear foundation.

“It’s good to see a foundation with a robust colour range. It’s actually rare for me to find a dark tone that’s actually darker than my skin”- Bessie, dark skin tone who has never used Clinique foundation before.

“I loved that I could control the coverage and blend two colours to get the perfect tone for my skin. I have pigmentation on the side of my face which needs a darker, heavier coverage so I used one shade, then the middle of my face I like to sheer out the product with a sponge and use a lighter shade”- Bahar, Middle Eastern skin who likes to custom blend her foundation to suit her skin concerns.

Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation + Concealer is now available in 22 wearable shades Available at Clinique counters nationwide, Mecca Maxima, selected pharmacies and at for a suggested retail price of $52.00.

For expert tips on how to find your perfect foundation shade, our beauty expert Michael Brown shared his foolproof tips here.

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