Monstrously Quirky Film: Colossal (2017) Review

Keeva Stratton

Film Expert

A strange attack in Tokyo is somehow linked to a young woman facing her own internal demons, in this monstrously quirky film.


Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is breaking down. She has spent a year out of work and is now spending her days and nights drinking. Her boyfriend, Tom (Dan Stevens), has had enough. He kicks her out of their New York apartment, and leaves her with little choice but to move back to her childhood home.

There she reconnects with Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), whom she grew up with. He offers her work at his bar—which for a struggling alcoholic, is not perhaps the ideal mix. Not long after she arrives, across the globe in Tokyo there is a terrible attack. A giant monster has reappeared after 25 years and is terrorising the city.

There’s something about this monster that seems eerily familiar to Gloria, and as she begins to piece a childhood puzzle together, her relationship with Oscar starts to unravel. Soon, she finds herself facing another type of monster altogether—that of a jealous man on edge. And, how the two stories tie together, and what they have to say, is utterly rewarding.

Colossal is an offbeat film that uses the monster genre and a good dose of fantasy to tell a very real and human story. Hathaway and Sudeikis have us believing, and it’s no mean feat.

It’s unpredictable, and just when you feel you’ve got to know a character—or even what’s about to take place—another facet is revealed.

If you’re looking for drama done differently, and you’re willing to immerse yourself in a slightly out there idea, then Colossal may be just the film you’re looking for. It tackles some very heavy subject matter, but does so with a bold intelligence.

It’s hard to say a lot about this film without giving too much away. It’s unexpected. From the more serious performances of Hathaway and Sudeikis, to the premise itself, Colossal does quirky in a very big way.


Director: Nacho Vigalondo

Stars: Dan Stevens, Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis

Runtime: 110 mins

Release Date: April 13

Rating: R

Reviewer Rating: 3/5


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