Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Dr Mark Kohout Explains The Surgical And Non-Surgical Options For Stubborn Stomach Fat That Won’t Shift

By Dr. Mark Kohout, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist

Dr. Mark Kohout, RESCU’s Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, explains everything you ever wanted to know about two ‘gentler’ types of liposuction: UltraShape and Liposoft.

There are many people who have a few stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to dieting and exercise. You may be one of them: the bulge at the outer thighs that won’t fit into your jeans, or the pot tummy that isn’t quite in proportion to the rest of you. What about the “muffin-top” love handles that make you jeans less than flattering?

You may have looked into liposuction and even seen on TV, but were put off by how vigorous, even aggressive it was?

Well, there are now several real alternatives to traditional liposuction.

1. The gentler of the two is UltraShape. This method of fat reduction involves no surgery, no anaesthetic and no pressure garments.

Sound too good to be true? UltraShape involves the use of high energy ultrasound to the skin on your abdomen. The ultrasound goes through the skin to break down the fat cells underneath. The fat is released and digested by your body as it would digest a fatty meal. The treatment takes about 50 minutes and is repeated 2 – 4 weeks later. You need 3-4 treatments to get the best result.

The downsides?

You need more than one treatment. Also, UltraShape is not quite as effective as liposuction, so only small to moderate fat excess is suitable. However, when you consider the no downtime, no surgery and no garment, UltraShape is a really revolutionary technology that has attracted a lot of people.

The cost of 3 UltraShape treatments to the abdomen is from around $3000.

2. The other alternative is a gentler and more accurate form of fat removal known as Liposoft. Liposoft is liposuction – with a difference. You get the results without some of the downsides of traditional lipo.

The procedure uses a fine jet of water to dislodge fat globules. This makes contouring easier and minimises trauma to the treatment area.

Due to the less-invasive nature of Liposoft, only a local anaesthetic is required. As you are awake during the procedure, you can change position during the procedure, allowing the surgeon optimal access to the treatment area. The surgeon can also you to stand to check results throughout the procedure, and as the area is not distorted with large amounts of fluid, the surgeon can finesse your contour more accurately to achieve the ideal shape.

What’s more, the procedure has the benefit of reduced recovery time. For contouring one area, the hips for example, you would be expected to be back at work one to two days after the procedure (office-type work).

You also tend to get less swelling and bruising. And if you do not require an anaesthetic, you save on anaesthetist fees.


The cost of having one area (such as the stomach) can be as little as $4,900.

To discuss your Liposoft requirements with Dr. Kohout, please phone 1300 551 151 or email

More info on Dr. Kohout and his work can be found at

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