Could This Body Treatment Be The Ultimate Cure After A Break Up?

Jeannie Bourke is no stranger to alchemy. Her Venustus Beauty & Body Lab in Sydney’s Paddington, is the stuff of treatment folk lore. Part energy healing, part beauty therapy and 100% transformational, each customised treatment is designed to get results.

Having worked on some of the world’s most beautiful faces and bodies over two decades, Jeannie Bourke and her team of therapists (angels) offer treatments that are curated and highly personal. Make no mistake, you will float out of your treatment.

The launch of the latest body work High Definition Treatment, is based around tried and tested lymphatic drainage to stimulate, break down and ultimately remove built up toxins of the body. The result is immediate improvement in the contours of the areas treated, an amazing sense of release and with the option of two therapists working on you at the same time, a certain kind of bliss.

What you may not expect however is the very real and profound emotional release such a treatment can offer. If you’ve ever tried kinseology and energetic healing, you will understand the principal that memories and traumas are stored in the body, long after we’ve worked on the mind to release or even forget the experience. It then makes sense that a deeply detoxifying body treatment, targeting stored toxins and blockages, can also work to release these trapped emotions, memories and pain.

This treatment is highly recommended if you are stuck with an emotion you can’t shift or if you are finding it hard to emotionally let go of trauma or heart break. Sometimes you really just need to shift the energy and the stored up toxins from your body.

The High Definition Bodywork treatment works on activating the Lymphatic System.

“The immediate visual results come from activating the Lymphatic System. By stimulating the lymph nodes you begin moving the tissue, the excessive amount of water & toxins get into the vessels, ultimately becoming lymph and eliminated.  Also the vigorous massage (Contouring) increases blood circulation & assists with fat metabolism.” Says Jeannie Bourke.

Whilst the long term benefits include activating and stimulating the lymphatic system thereby eliminating excess fluid and toxins, reducing Inflammation and cellulite, there is also the benefit of eliminating stored emotional toxins that have been built up in the cells.

How does the treatment work?

This is no ordinary massage. Prepare for moments of bliss and release but only after some vigorous massage and prodding. It can be quite uncomfortable in areas where there is a lot of toxic build up and the body can be quite tender for 24 hours after the treatment particularly where the suction and roller implements have been used. Jade rollers and Gua Sha together with vigorous lymphatic massage deliver incredible results both immediately and long term if you combine regular treatments with lots of water and good old fashioned exercise.

What you will be amazed with is the immediate de-puffing of the abdomen area, smoother thighs and a sense of lightness.

All the signature Venustus touches such as a personalised crystal selection ahead of your session, and energy cleansing with white sage, just add to the restorative magic of this latest addition to their treatment line up.

The 75 minute treatment starts at $285 for one therapist and you can enhance the treatment with personalised ad ons such as additional therapists, energy healing and facials.


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