Dannii Minogue Reveals Her Go-To Hair And Beauty Looks

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Growing up in the spotlight has its ups and downs, but there is one positive element, trying every ‘look’ known to man – especially having a career in music through the 80’s!

Dannii Minogue (45) is no stranger to beauty, having a career as a singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer and TV Host means many years of sitting in makeup chairs around the world, experimenting with so many styles, even Dannii can’t remember them all.

It is then no surprise that Dannii is now the L’Oreal Professional Hair Muse for 2017 and at her recent appearance at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards on Sunday night, Dannii revealed another new look – Pink Sorbet locks!


Dannii was already a shade of blonde, so going pink didn’t take as long as you may think… “It’s like looking through a glass of rosé” – The Summer trend of Frozé was a hit, so I think I can safely say, yummy mummy alert!

Here is our chat, backstage at this years AHFA’s…

So Dannii, tell us at Rescu how you came to be pink?

“I have had many shades of hair in my time, but never pink!

I was already blonde and am so busy with work and being a mum, that I need something quick.

Going pink didn’t take long at all and the longer you leave it in, the longer it will last, but I washed my hair twice, as I wanted to match my pink to the dress I am wearing now, so its now more pastel”.

Hair and Makeup can change your mood instantly, how do you feel with pink hair?

“I feel very fun, but when I’m having fun with colour, It’s great for a time and place, but sometimes I might need to be a bit more conservative – It’s School Holidays, so I can have some fun – Hair colour is really the new makeup, sometimes you want it, sometimes you want to go back to natural, it’s a personality thing and great to have the versatility”.

Has the quality or texture of your hair changed by adding so much colour?

“Not at all, L’Oreal Professional has ‘Smartbond’, so that protects your hair and keeps it very soft. I had that when I went blonde and never had any dryness.

Now going pink, it’s the same as I have the Smartbond at home products, so the conditioner keeps it soft.

Even with styling products that I have in now, it still feels soft.”

I know you have hairstylists on speed dial, but what is your personal go-to look, especially when off duty as a mum?

“It’s quite hard when I am known for great hair, but I have worked with great hairdressers! So when it’s me doing it, I am pretty simple for styling.

My go-to would be adding sea salt spray for texture and a little volume, scrunching the ends with my hands and letting it sit naturally…

I am pretty low maintenance when it’s just me, as my lifestyle is busy, so nothing overly styled and dry styling products so I can walk out the door quickly – Wash and wear is very me.”

“Also I love the length of my hair right now being just on the shoulders, as I can still put it up. When I’ve had shorter hair, I loved it, but now being a mum, you have those days when you just want to put it up, so always go a length that suits your lifestyle.”

When deciding beauty looks for yourself, work or play, where do you go for inspiration?

“Well for work, I let my hair team go for gold, I say yes to pretty much anything, as I trust them and they can push the boundaries in some areas of my work.

For me personally I look to Hollywood Red Carpet looks, as they will be polished and show trends, but still keep it very wearable, so I could use elements into my own beauty looks.

“But, for the Logies coming up for example, I’m hoping to have a little more fun with my look, because, why not?”

“I love that women are becoming more experimental with beauty as a whole…

I look back to my 80’s vinyl’s and feel like cutting my hair short and wearing a tailored suit, wearing crazy coloured eye makeup and bright nails.

Even guys in the 80’s used to wear eye makeup, but in a masculine way, but even though we have modernized our looks, I feel more women are wearing more colour in lips and trying different looks, not just one look for years like our mums used to – We have different personalities and we should play up to them.”


*A picture Dannii showed me from her instagram from the 80’s, which she herself didn’t know what was going on, but she loved the sekf expression the 80’s had and hopes this continues in modern beauty looks.

Finally, how has your journey been so far being Hair Muse for L’Oreal Professional?

“It’s been a fun few months, being blonde for most of it for a TV show I was filming, but for the Australian Hair Fashion Awards, I thought lets go pink!

It’s a great night to bring beauty and fashion together and I am excited to present the award for Hairdresser of the Year.

The Logies is my next big event – who knows what colour I will be then – but I love experimenting, so keep a watch for my next move…

Hair is now becoming more like fashion and makeup, you can change it up to suit your personality and I am excited to be apart of it.”

Thanks for your energy Dannii, was a pleasure chatting and love that you love beauty, just as much as me!


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