Day to Night Makeup Tutorial

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

anne-hathawayWomen around the world are becoming busier, tackling so many daily duties so to then have to run off to social events at night can be more stressful than fun when it comes to planning ahead with hair and makeup… but it doesn’t have to be!

Most of us are simply too time-poor to go to work with one look applied, then wash it all off and start again for the night look. This may be a blessing in disguise, as when some women try to hard, or try something new to go out, they can wind up looking a little too ‘done up’.

Today’s beauty looks are much more simple than a few years ago and in my opinion, easier to achieve yourself at home. Beauty has become more natural, taking classic elements with a modern twist. Raw, textured ‘bed head’ style hair that doesn’t appear to ‘done’ is the way to go and makeup can be layered, and blended with one major focus to keep everything more simple and balanced.

As tempting as it is to wear more makeup than usual all day, hoping it will last in to the night, the reality is you are likely to wind up looking over-done all day and your makeup will not look fresh by the time 6pm comes around. Luckily, makeup products have become easier to add touches when needed and looks are not so placed as they used to be, so it only takes a few good multi-use products to upgrade your look compared to the many it would take years ago.

MB PRO TIP – Wear your normal makeup during the day and find only 3-4 max products that could change your look into a red carpet ready look. Think multi-use and what could be added to not only freshen the look, but also be nighttime ready.

Let’s just say during the day you are wearing your foundation, concealer, bronzer for some colour and contour, even used on the eyes slightly as some shading in the socket, a mascara and lip balm. Simple, fresh, contoured – a very standard look.

Now, fast forward to 6pm and let’s see what I would do to create an Anne Hathaway style look, or one just to make you get in the evening mood.

AvedaFirst of all a concealer of some sort should be in the bag all day, from the morning look.

It is great to re-apply before going to a meeting, after lunch or even before a nighttime engagement as you may of blown your nose, wiped your mouth, or become tired during the day… These areas must be freshened up, by dabbing a little concealer to touch up any redness or dark shadows that have shown through.

For this, a wand style concealer is great. I love the Aveda Inner Light Concealer (RRP $39.95) Great for an on the go touch up.

For a more Red Carpet result, buy two shades — one slightly deeper to cover dark circles and one lighter to dab over the top for a highlight.

Lancome-eclat-miracleNext we need to highlight – this is an add-in product from the day look.

Remember, we are going over makeup that is already there, so just a dab of a liquid style highlighter is perfect.

The shade you use can differ from more of a gold base or silver, depending if you wish o brighten or be more natural, but at this time of day, I would use more of a silvery undertone to brighten the skin and to look brighter at night.

I love the Lancôme Eclat Miracle liquid highlighter (RRP $55)

I dab this product on top of the cheekbone to capture light and refresh he skin – it will look as though your skin is so fresh and hydrated, even if you have ben wearing makeup all day!

Then dab a little on the cupids bow of the lips to re-pout and a little under the peak of the brow to lift that area as well s the inner tear duct of the eye to brighten.

By now our skin is so even and refreshed, it is time to re-sculpt using our bronzer – another product from the morning look.

If your bronzer from the morning is no longer even, then you want to conceal over these areas, but it should be ok just to go over areas from the morning.

Re-apply a little bronzer under highlighter/under cheekbone to sharpen up the features and also on the mobile eyelid and in the socket line for shape.

Don’t forget that a shade tone like a bronzer is perfect to help lift droopy eyelids as if you apply on the concern area, the depth of the tone will recede away any wanted skin or puffiness!


A little bronzer can also be great with an angled brush to fill in your brows… Your brow colour does not have to be matched perfectly, often most women apply a colour to dark, which pulls focus and makes the brows too noticeable. By filling gaps in with something a touch lighter can create a shadow behind the brow hairs to lift them and give them some shape, rather than the brows looking over drawn.

I love the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder bronzer (RRP $42)

It has a lightweight feel and look, so no nasty ‘orange’ mistakes with different shades to choose from.

With the added shape from the bronzer, mixed with the fresh, clear look from the highlighter and the concealer, it is now time to add a little more nighttime definition on he eye and lip to finish.

A soft style pencil eyeliner is a great way to add a smokey element to your eyes without using or having to carry around an eye shadow – this is added in from the morning look.

You can simply draw a line at the top outer lash line and how thick your draw the line will determine the amount of pigment you will receive in the smokey sense.

Because today I want a bold lip to finish, I wouldn’t get to excited otherwise the eyes could pull focus away from the lips.

Once your line is applied to the outer lash line, take a small firm, pinpoint style brush and start to blend the pigment up and into the mobile lid and outer socket.

This will add some depth and a soft smokey touch to the outer area of the eye, leaving the bronzer as a base colour and used in the socket to lift the eye, with the inner tear duct still bright from the highlighter – it is that simple!

I love the Inika Certified Organic eyeliner in Black Caviar (RRP $29)


So soft, easy to use and smudged into a perfect smokey look, being so safe for the eyes with a built in sharpener!

Lastly, add a bold lip to finish the look – added in from Morning look.


This will dress up any day look at any time.

You can choose any shade that you may like, but always have balance, don’t let too many areas of the face take over – if your eyes are already made up, go for a lighter shade.

Because today the eyes are sculpted with bronzer and a touch a smoky on the outer area of the eyes, you can definitely go a bold lip.

I love the Illamasqua lipsticks, and with a recent brand price reduction in Australia to match their overseas prices, even better I say!

The Illamasqua Lipstick in Maneater is a beauty (RRP $25)

Dab on with your ring finger for a stain effect and instant fusion for a longer lasting effect, then sharpen with a lip brush or lip liner.

So ladies, 5 touch up products to get from a day look to night, but only 3 were not used in the morning routine, pretty simple if you ask me – Enjoy!


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